When are you gonna stop nursing?

I have heard this question at least a dozen times in the past 5 months: ‘When do you plan to stop nursing?’ E is 5 months old, so basically from day one people have been bustingnursing baby my chops about nursing my child. I don’t really understand why that is even a question that is acceptable to ask anyone. Do I ask you ‘when are you gonna stop feeding your child formula?’ NOPE sure don’t. Why would I stop nursing anytime soon is a better question. The American Pediatric Association recommends nursing exclusively for 6 months and up until at least a year as in addition to solids. The amount of time a mother and child nurse is a choice that every family has to make together and it’s different for everyone. No I don’t plan on stopping when she teethes, I’ve read all I can and know that I can nurse through that phase with no problems. I am up on all my literature and the internet is full of useful information if I do have any questions on what to do. My body was meant to provide sustenance for my child and so that is what I plan on doing.  I still don’t understand why there is such a stigma on breast feeding, it’s the best thing for a baby and if you can do it DO IT! It’s not easy by any means and many times in the early days  I considered giving up. We made it through those tough weeks and I fully plan on nursing E until she is good and ready to move on from the boob. She’s a healthy little chunk and that is from nursing not from a bottle! I have no problem if you choose to formula feed your baby, that is your decision but don’t try to make it wrong for nursing my child. Breast milk is nutritious and to her I’m sure delicious. It comforts her when she is upset and is our special little bonding time that no one can interrupt or take away from us. So much is changing in her world (and mine) I don’t think I will be ready for quite some time to give up nursing. I love nursing her to sleep and night and our morning session all snuggled up in my bed. So I guess I can come down from my soapbox now 🙂

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  1. When people asked me that I just told them “until he goes to college”. They don’t ask that question again, but then again I really felt he was going to nurse till he left for college!

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