Welcome to my life


As I sit here surrounded by women nursing their children, I realize this is now my life. Fashion takes a back seat, my hair may again never be free of a ponytail, getting ready to leave the house is more about baby than me, all proceeds will benefit my babe and not my watch collection, sexy time is all but a distant memory, I have to consider the ease of access to my boobs as they are now essentially just vessels for feeding my daughter. I chose to participate in the Big Latch On because not only am I pro breast feeding, this is considered an “outing”. This is a place where it’s a-ok to whip down my top and nurse my nugget in public without fear of judgment or being afraid to do it. I was always so in awe of women who were brave enough to do what was natural and feed their child in public, now I am that woman. I would not give anything in the world to stop being Emma’s mommy; it is a blessing the ultimate gift growing a life and caring for another human being, but I don’t want to lose me in the process. I’ve been a carefree woman for 25 years of my life, and now I am taking on this new role to dedicate my every waking moment to this little bundle of joy. I am no longer wife, or dog mom first, I am a literal mother. I have a child and this is going to be the hardest most terrifying journey ever. And so it begins.

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