Top 5 Picks for Baby’s First Christmas

It is pretty tough to know what to get a baby for a gift. Sure there is a ton of adorable stuff to buy. Most of it useless crap but adorable none the less. Christmas is coming up and honestly I’m at a loss for what to get for her. Toys are an obvious choice, but my husband has a serious opposition to toys. This lead me to begin searching what could/should I get E that wasn’t a toy that would actually be useful? These are a list of my top 5 most useful things to buy a (mom and) baby for their first Christmas together.

Bath Toy Storagebaby's first christmas gifts

Toys are everywhere. E loves the bath, and everything bath related including bath toys. She has her own bathroom which makes it a little less annoying to have to work around her bathing goodies, but I still want to be able to walk into an orderly bathroom, and dry the toys at the same time.

Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover

baby's first christmas gift

Going to the store with E is something I have to look forward to from now until forever. I want it to be easier, and with a shopping cart cover it can be! Instead of pushing her in a stroller and pulling a shopping cart behind us, or putting her in her carrier and her trying to fight her way out, I can plop her in the shopping cart. The cover will form a barrier between her and the dirty shopping cart. These guys can also be used to put in high chairs for when we are out for lunch or dinner. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I refuse to put her in a dirty high chair and end up holding her and trying to feed her while keeping her hands out of my food.

Toy Chest

baby's first christmas gifts

As baby gets older and holidays pass, toys will begin to overflow in every room in the house baby uses. Currently my living room is the mecca of all things E. She spends much of her day down here, and so do her toys. I have been using her pack and play as a storage container, but that gets annoying when I want to put her in it. I have to remove half the toys so she has space to sit and play. This is seriously a useful gift, and it will be in baby’s life for years to come.


baby's first Christmas gifts

This is pretty obvious, baby’s grow and they will always need more clothes. In my opinion it never hurts to give a mom clothes, and it makes more sense to do it in the next size up especially for small babies. Buying something for the next season can also be helpful, it gives mom and baby a head start on the months to come. They grow so fast and need so much in the first year, it really is a game of constantly trying to stay ahead.


babys first christmas

If you really want to get toys for baby, at least get developmental toys. Stacking cups or rings, colorful toys, sensory balls etc.

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