Too tired Thursday

sleepy babyToday was a long day. And I’m pretty tired and I do believe I hear my bed calling my name. E slept well last night thank goodness, she really has been recently! I am really happy I chose to feed her and not force her into something I felt uncomfortable with. I can honestly say some of my most snugly mommy moments are spent while nursing her back to sleep in the wee hours of the night/morning. After much searching, we finally found a new kennel that looked decent and is much closer to our new house. Hopefully that will make any future trips easier on the whole family! I have a lot to accomplish in a little time causing stress and making things that much more difficult. I have eczema and all my life I’ve stayed tan something about the UV rays helping with eczema blah blah blah. Needless to say I have stopped tanning for time constraints and my new mommy duties. And in the past few weeks I have had what I thought was a breakout of eczema on my breasts. I am out of cream for eczema and nursing I am super worried about what I put on/in my body, so I tried some homeopathic/natural remedies to no avail. I finally was able to see a doctor this afternoon and he believes I have a fungal infection like thrush, around my nipples. I spent 2 hours at the doctor and finished up just in time for E’s bedtime routine. Done and done then it was time for dinner, and I needed to do some housekeeping. And BAM it’s 8:30 (where did the day go?) Since I haven’t had any relax time since I got out of bed this morning,  I am calling it. Good day ladies and gents.

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