Too Soon?

texasstringartE is now 6 months old. That means I have only 6 months to plan an epic first birthday party. I might be worrying about this a little too soon, but I feel like my situation makes it necessary. When I start to think about it, this will be hard, well all holidays will be hard. My family lives so far away, that in order to have everyone participate they have to come here, or more realistically we have to go home. If I plan a party of mega awesomeness as I hope to, then everything will have to be shipped home prior to our arrival for the party. This makes me sad, and anxious. My husband’s job in the Navy has taken us far from home, and sometimes it’s nice and then again it sucks. If I have a party here we can celebrate with our friends here, but it will be much smaller and not as special because her family will be missing. If we have it at home it will be a huge party with around 30 people. It’s a decision that I know needs to be made soonish and something that I am sure will worry me until the very end. Also the hubs is trying to say that we should just photoshop everyone in around E and tell her that we celebrated all together, she will never know. I disagree with that 100%, first birthdays are sort of a big deal. I feel like the next big party I would want is 5th birthday, and I have no idea where we will live then! She’s my first baby and a girl and I want everything to be perfect for her. Is making a big production of it too much? Should I just have a small party with us and a few close friends here? Should I pack up our family and a huge party and take it to Texas? Decisions decisions.

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  1. Love it. Rocky’s birthday party was such a big deal for his first, shoot I make every birthday party a big deal. And I plan them 6 months in advanced. I had pretty much all of Rocky’s birthday stuff (except parishables) purchased 6 months in advanced for his first birthday. E does have lots of Aunts who would love to help with her party too, just so you don’t have to ship as much or you could order it off line (even if it’s from Target) and ship it to grandmas house! Totally go all out first birthdays are a BIG deal for mom and dad, it’s a celebration of not only baby Turing ONE but the parents surviving the fort yer of parenthood and not going too insane over the lack of sleep ;).

  2. Birthday’s are so much fun Especially first birthdays!

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