Today I Am Tired

whyareyousotiredIt must be hard to be a baby, no one understands you, all you can do is cry for means of communication. They have to learn everything from zero and are born completely helpless little creatures. It’s tough on a new mom too, we are learning everything new from the start. Babies don’t come with a set of instructions, and I have no experience doing this and there are so many people with their opinions telling you to do something different. It’s been a tough 6 months but I am clearly doing something right, E is thriving and so smart. I feel like I’ve made a ton of progress on this whole mom thing. For months I couldn’t wrap my head around the housework and taking care of E. I figured out to do my household things while she was napping and plan trips around nap time. For a while it was super overwhelming and the fact she wasn’t sleeping well at night for a few weeks meant that I was even more tired than my average day. We had gotten this sleeping thing down to mostly a science and now she is waking at night a few more times because she is on the cusp of learning to crawl (I think). She gets up on all fours and does sort of creeps forward. She doesn’t quite move yet, but I know it’s coming. Again I know this will pass, and it’s exciting to know that she is on her way to the next phase of her life, but today I am tired.

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