Tiny Prints Has All Your Valentine Needs!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! I can’t believe we will be celebrating E’s very first V Day!

If you have children in elementary school, you should definitely check out Tiny Prints’ Classroom Valentines.
Valentines Day Card from Tiny Prints

If you are not familiar with Tiny Prints, these are the best cards out there! And you can completely customize with your child’s pictures, your own text, and text and fonts that you choose. I’ve used them for our birth announcements, Christmas cards, AND I’ve ordered thank you cards and Valentine photo cards to celebrate her first February 14th!

If your kids are too young, too old, or non-existent, Tiny Prints also has great customized photo gifts and Valentine’s Day party invitations, and their sister company, Treat has some aweome personalized greeeting cards.

Be sure to order by 11:59pm PT February 4 and use the promo code 20VALFEB you can save 20% on your entire order!

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