Time for Mommy

crib sleeperSo last night I instituted Word Free Wednesday. I know a typical cop out for the ‘lazy’ blogger. I was exhausted. If you refer to my post about crying it out (here) I gave up last week. I thought I couldn’t get her to sleep in her crib, through the night. Well that’s been pretty true so far. It’s been a long 3 or 4 days. I went back to letting her sleep in the swing. That was until she decided to throw herself around and I heard the entire massive 20 pound swing lift a leg up off the floor and crash back down. She wasn’t injured (so don’t fret all you grannies and aunties out there reading this!) and she caused me to put my foot down so to speak. I had to do it for fear that she would bring harm to herself and break the swing, I opted for crib banishment. Surprisingly enough crib sleeping hasn’t been too bad, sure there’s been some crying (both of us) and calling daddy for backup and reassurance, not to mention the constant calls to Nana asking if I am causing irreparable harm to my sweet angel. Also lots of internet searching, therefore I have not been getting a lot of sleep, even when she sleeps because I am a chronic worrier. She has only been waking twice a night for the past 4 night period, and when she woke I chose to nurse her back to sleep rather than have her cry it out. It’s my own sort of cry it out method I suppose.  It made me too sad to let her just lie there and cry. I tried to rub her back and reassure her, I tried doing nothing and turning the monitor off and shutting the door but I couldn’t. I did what worked for me, for us as a little family! I am one of those moms, a mom that is terrified about leaving my baby to cry in a dark room. And last night when she went down to reward myself for making it through another day of mommyhood; I took a scalding hot bubble bath, candles and all. Then I hopped into bed at 9:15 to catch up on last season’s Glee and pass smooth out, because I was tired. And this is my apology for the lazy blogging yesterday. I’m sure all you mommies understand my pain.

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