There goes my hair

hair loss post pregnancy

While I was pregnant so many magical things happened. My hair got thicker and more luscious, I didn’t get a period (duh), I had glowing skin and no acne, and most importantly a tiny little person was growing inside me! Fast forward 4 months post-partum my skin is breaking out, I feel like a horrible pimple faced teen some days. I started my period just willy nilly for no reason out of nowhere, and my hair is falling out in mass quantities. Ok maybe not mass but when I have to clean out my brush after every use. Like gobs of hair are coming out, 20 or 30 at a time. I’ve read it’s normal for your hair to fall out something to do with hormones leveling off and your hair stops falling out while pregnant. It could also be due to the physical or emotional stress of being a new mom. Also the lack of hormones from no longer taking birth control, then getting back on birth control. I just hope my hair doesn’t all fall out though, picking wads of it out of the drain is enough to put that terrifying thought in my head. I don’t know how I’d look with thinning hair all though it might be nice in the summer 🙂

One thought on “There goes my hair

  1. The scariest part of motherhood! Haha. It will end…as latest as when miss e turns one

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