The 52 Project: Week 1

So much happens in my life, that it’s all blur looking back at the last year. I am a mother. A mother to an 8 month old, and honestly I cannot believe it. I walked into her room the other morning to find her sitting in the middle of of crib. Sitting. On her own. When did this happen? How do I have a sitter? She could barely hold her head up a few months ago. I swear she’s still a newborn, I don’t even remember this happening. I might have teared up a little (ok a lot) as she looked up at me giggling so proud of herself that she could sit on her own and play. Then I decided that I want to document what happens each week of my (our) live with a photo accompanied by a memory from that specific week. The amount that I know E will change in the next year scares me, but it will be amazing to see her change and how our lives have changed by the end of 2014.


This picture says it all for this week. E is independent, she doesn’t need me to help her anymore. She has started playing alone for brief periods of time, and seems to enjoy it. Some days she stays near me while other days she barely glances at me over her shoulder. I just don’t know when this happened. I have heard people say ‘They grow so fast’ but until recently I guess it didn’t register as true for me, until I stop and think about how helpless she was a few months ago.


2 thoughts on “The 52 Project: Week 1

  1. Awesome idea! I wish I would’ve thought of it. How great it will be to look back at the end of the year!

  2. Love this! Looking forward to a picture a week!

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