The Makings of a Cloth Stash

A while back I decided that cloth diapering was the correct choice for my family (see here).  I researched and researched and read reviews and watched videos and I finally came to the decision that it was time to order some diapers. I’m just going to share the diapers I ordered today and after the holiday I will share all the info I learned (there’s a lot) with you guys so hopefully it will make your knowledge gathering easier than mine was.

groVia Hybrid Shell and Soaker Pads


This purchase was a no brainer, it was one of the easiest decisions I made in my cloth diaper journey. Well choosing the color/print was not, but I went with poppy and it’s super cute! I also purchased the soaker pads that snap in to keep E dry.

bumGenius AIO (all in one)


I wanted to try out bumGenius’ AIOs they got rave reviews and the lovelace print is way too cute to pass up. I also liked the way their attached lining lifts up in a fold over method, for quicker dry time and easier cleaning. It also has little pockets under each flap for stuffing to add more soak ability.

groVia Prefolds


I got these to stick inside my other diapers for extra absorbency, and also just to put inside the groVia shell. It does all the work of a soaker, but for way less mula!

groVia freetime AIO (all in one)


This all in one had the liner attached at both ends. It lifts in the middle for a quicker dry time and I think will be great for those overnights for its maximum absorbency. It was a pricey diaper and I hope it was worth it!

I spent around $70 on these diapers, which with the inserts and prefolds makes my total diaper count 7. I know it’s not the cheapest way to go, but I really want to test out some different options. I chose groVia for most of my stuff because I read a lot of good reviews about the brand. Also the shop I purchased from had a lot of groVia product. There are so many options out there and these are just my first few diapers. I will be sharing more with you guys a little later, this is just a peek at the beginnings of my stash (that I am sure will grow to epic proportions).

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