The 52 Project: Week 5

E officially turned 9 months old this week! I have no idea where my baby went! She is the sweetest, most adorable little angel baby I could ever have asked for and I am truly in love!


This picture pretty much says a lot about bath time in the R house these days. We had a baby bath that she was continually standing up in and slipping around, terrifying me so we went straight to the big bath. It didn’t get much better she still thinks that she’s a big girl and should be standing in the tub, BUT with the non slip mat at least she doesn’t slide around so easily. She loves to play in the bath and hang around in the water for half an hour (obviously my child), and here she is playing with some of her Boon Dive Bath Toys. They are pretty awesome and the hubbs uses them to distract her and try to get her to stay seated!

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