The 52 Project: Week 3

This week was great my hubbie was home ALL week long! We spent time together enjoying our amazing little princess E! (who now has 4 teeth coming in up top!) The picture that says it all for me this week is this one:
When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy I was terrified of how my dogs who had been treated like children would react to a new little person being brought into their lives. For my little love muffin Gadgette it was a dream come true, her very own baby! Gadgette has loved E since the minute she came home, literally the minute they were introduced. She showers her with kisses and love, and E returns the love with some soft pats and hair pulls. In the early days she sat right by her swing and watched her making sure everything was ok. As time has gone on and E has become more mobile their relationship also grows. E waves toys and throws them for Gadgette.  Gadgette watches as I bathe her, helps me put E down at night, and stays close by if she wakes crying in the middle of the night. When E wakes up dog mom Gadgette runs across the hall pushes the door open to her room and goes in to check on her. I think they will have an amazing friendship as E gets older, and it will be great. I can’t imagine what it would have been like having a dog that gives so much love growing up. I of course will be a little sad to lose my snuggle buddy to E, but you just can separate the love of a girl and her dog.

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