Thank Your Mother

ryan gosling hey girlI live far from my family and hardly see them. Only a few times a year, if that. This is a sad fact of my life that I have to accept, and some days it sucks more than others. The hubs has an impending business trip that literally came up out of the blue, and I will be left with my 6 month old daughter and 2 rowdy dogs with no help. Don’t get me wrong I have gotten used to my privacy, and I have a couple of people here who could help me if times get dire, BUT 5 days with a baby and no help is a long time. Since the trip was announced so shortly, no one can come and help. At least the people I’ve asked cannot, and I hate being a burden on anyone else I know everyone has a life to lead, and unfortunately for me (sometimes) the life we lead is here.

This makes me yearn for the ability to stop off at my mom’s or mother in laws or sister’s or any sibling’s house really, and have companionship, and a helpful hand to be there if I need it. It makes me so sad when I think of all the ladies who take advantage of the help that is so readily being offered to them. If I had the option to leave my daughter with her grandma or great grandma I would love to, but I realize that grandma IS NOT her mother. I am. And I know it’s hard to say no to spending time with her grand baby. I mean when I think about it I get angry. Don’t take advantage of your family, you know they won’t say no and it’s not right! I wish I had the option to drop off my baby, or really to spend time with my family on a daily even weekly basis. It blows my mind how people who live near their family sometimes disregard they have that luxury.

So mama when you drop your kid off with your mom or grandmother be sure to thank her, and honestly make sure it’s okay before you leave your baby. You may think your kid is like the best thing in the world, and she may love spending time with her grandchild but she has a life too. So thank you to my Momma and my Mawmaw and my mother in law for offering to keep my lil lady when I come to visit. And thanks to my siblings for offering too. You guys mean a lot to me and I cannot express how much some days I wish I lived in our tiny little hometown and could see y’all every day.

And now I’m off my little soap box.

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