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Today was a beautiful windy fall day, and the final weekend before Halloween, so we made a trip to a pumpkin patch. It was pretty great: they had an adult corn maze, a child’s corn maze, a petting zoo, a hay ride to a real legit pumpkin patch, and a cute little general store that sold produce and jams/butters. There were so many firsts E experienced today and me too. I’ve never been to a real pumpkin patch, where the pumpkins were actually grown and cut from the vine. I was pretty excited about it. The drive wasn’t too long and once we arrived E had of course pooped her pants. No disaster this time (Hallelujah) it stayed fully in the diaper. I changed her and put on her coat.



That coat, an adorable little pink quilted duffle coat.  She was all ready wearing a hat and didn’t mind it too much, but the coat would be her demise. It made her down right angry to have it on. There was a brief moment or two where she smiled but mostly what we call a ‘dead stare’. It’s a blank look she wears when angry, and so all of the pictures for her first trip to a pumpkin patch for her first fall for her first Halloween are angry. I know some day she will look back with dismay that she decided to wear a scowl the entire trip. Oh well at least she looked adorable.

pumpkin patchDaddy and E having a great time

Middleton's Cedar FarmE and her baby sized pumpkin! (and the dreaded coat)

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