Subscription Boxes

So tonight the hubs and I watched an episode of Shark Tank on Hulu plus. It was episode 510 and the show featured two sisters that came up with an idea on a subscription box. As you guys might know that I have recently been bitten by the subscription box bug. Who doesn’t like getting products in the mail? It is like a mini Christmas when the day it comes. 🙂 I did a post on my Googaroo and Citrus Lane box. The Citrus Lane box hasn’t disappointed yet, but I’m still on the fence about continuing Googaro box. They are a newer company that is not as well established as Citrus Lane. I give them an “A” for effort. We will have to see how the future boxes turn out. Now back to the shark tank episode. The two sisters Donna and Rosy started Surprise Box so that parents can provide their kids with cool fun things that also have a built in learning theme attached to the box. Donna and Rosy presented Surprise Box well to the Sharks. They were even able to answer “Mr. Wonderful’s” question on what their customer acquisition cost. Which I thought was a huge plus for them, and would equate to a deal with one of the Sharks. Unfortunately for Donna and Rosy they ended up not being able to get a deal with a shark. I will have to keep Surprise Box on the list of boxes to consider when baby E get older and can benefit from educational fun activities. It is going to be a long list there seems to be a million different boxes available these days.


To my loyal readers out there: What subscription boxes are your favorites??  

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