Stork Stack Review

Stork Stack BoxMy obessesion with subscription boxes might really be a problem. There is something so exciting about getting a package in the mail, and even though it’s nearly always ALL for E, I just get that feeling when you open a gift, the adrenaline rush for the surprise that waits inside. This month for Christmas I decided to try out Stork Stack. They are a fairly well established box it’s been around since the beginning of 2012. They have a theme and this month’s theme was “Toy Chest”, you recieve an email a week or so before the actual box arrives, so you can cheat and see what’s coming before it arrives on your doorstep. (I totally did this and was still semi surprised upon opening the box)

First of all let me comment on how ADORABLE the packing is!! The box is brightly colored with little storks and their bundles of goodies and the tissue matches. It’s all about the packaging ladies and gents!

storkstack stork stack box 1

Cloud B Baby Rattle

stork stack box review

This cute little lamb is made by Cloud B, and is super soft and perfectly sized for E to grasp with her tiny hands. I love that it makes noise but is still small enough for her to carry around easily.

Retail Value: $7.95

Edushape Sensory Ball

stork stack edushape

We don’t have any of these yet, and I’m honestly excited about it! I don’t want to buy a huge pack of these as they typically come in packs of 5 and we are starting to burst at the seams with repeat toys. These little balls are supposed to be great for sensory learning and the company has been around since 1983!

Retail Value: $13

Jasmine Seven Foot Wipes

stork stack box 3

Ok honestly excuse my French but WTF is this? Foot wipes? I have TONS of hand wipes can’t I just use them on her feet too? Not impressed. That is really all I have to say about that.

Retail Value: $3.30

Melissa and Doug Penguin Baby Toy

stork stack review

I love Melissa and Doug, and all things wooden really. It’s sustainable which makes it a okay by me! This little rattle turns and ‘flaps’ it’s wings when baby shakes  it around.

Retail Value: $9

Pretzel Crisps

stork stack pretzel

I think this pretty much says it all. They are crisps made of pretzel and will probably be delicious!

Retail Value: About $2

Stork Stack claims that inside each box is valued at $50, mine totaled up to be $35.25. Granted I went with mostly Amazon pricing. So I’m not really impressed with Stork Stack, I don’t feel like the value was there, and according to their Facebook page a lot of other mommies agree! I think I am going to stick with Googaro and Citrus Lane for now.

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