Sleepy time for mommy

sleepingthroughthenightYup this is what happens at my house when E starts crying. For the past 2 nights randomly at midnight or 1 am the crying starts in.

No fever, clean diaper, it’s not too hot or cold, and she refuses to eat. Sure I offer, but she doesn’t accept. I’m tired too, this  is driving me a wee bit crazy and it is exhausting. She is mobile and awake for longer periods of time during the day so naps are far and few between.

I don’t know what’s wrong. I keep expecting there to be a reason for this and maybe she will wake up with a mouth full of teeth. Nope still teeth free. I am running out of ideas. She is happy as a clam and stops crying if she is rolling around in my bed or she is being held. It’s just that it occurs at a time when I’m normally asleep.

I really hope this stops tonight. I need my sleep to be super mommy.

One thought on “Sleepy time for mommy

  1. Rocky did that. Then I noticed after it stopped, then started again after another big milestone happened, that it was milestones. I guess they just want to be up working on their skills!

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