Sippy…the lazy mom’s cup

bestsippy-cupsE is 7 months old. I know I have a 7 month old! It’s insane to think that…well my mommy friends are busting my chops about sippy cups. Have I introduced E to the sippy cup do I plan on introducing her and when will I do it. I have no idea of an answer to any of the questions, we are nursing. She doesn’t drink much if it doesn’t come out of my chest. So the thought of a sippy has never crossed my mind. She is doing fine without it, and I don’t want to deal with the sippy syndrome. You know where you see a 3 year old carrying around a sippy cup. That is almost as big of a nightmare of mine as the paci. SO long story short, I’ve begun researching, the best kind, the best brand, the best everything. And I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that sippy cups are not really necessary in daily life. Not at this stage for sure. I purchased espresso glasses for her to learn to sip out of at home, and that’s how I am going to train her to drink from a cup. She doesn’t need to carry a cup around with her and have juice on the ready. If she’s thirsty we can go from there, but I just don’t see the point of a sippy at this age. She can barely crawl. Unless she is going to strap a sippy on a belt throw it over her shoulder cross body style there is no need. It really amazes me to think that back in the days of old at some point sippy cups didn’t exist. Moms took the effort to help their child drink out of a training cup or a small glass to quench their thirst. So why have moms become so lazy? Not only that the ADA recommends sippy cups be completely gone from your child’s life around the age of 2 to 3. It is actually recommended that the traditional sippy only be used for about a month. The only purpose of it is to transition from bottle to cup. Some dentists think it should be sooner. Sippy cups can cause a host of oral problems, not just damage to the teeth, but the sucking motion can actually cause speech problems and a disorder called  Oral Myofunctional Disorder. OMD causes the tongue to move forward in an exaggerated manner during speech or swallowing, and may often protrude forward while at rest. It causes some sounds to be pronounced incorrectly because of weak tongue muscles. There are a host of other problems caused by sippy cups,  like cavities from teeth bathing in sugary sweet juices, which is often what parents put in these cups. Maybe 4 or 5 months from now I will change my tune and have 19 sippy cups just like every other mom I know, but for now nope.

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