She’s a traveling babe


For the first major trip across the country with baby we drove down to Charleston. The trip from DC to our final destination was about 8 and half to 9 hours. This seemed daunting to me as I am not particularly fond of car travel and then toss a 2 month old into the mix. Normally I make a list but this trip was last minute and on a whim therefore no list. So I packed up everything I thought I would need for baby: outfits, wipes, bath soap, lotion, medicines that could be needed, and diapers. Well I ended up forgetting everything for mommy; I had no hair product or makeup and very few outfit choices (one of my greatest fears in life). I was so concerned with making sure Emma bear had all her goods that I didn’t get my stuff. The 8 hour drive wasn’t as bad as I feared, there was not a lot of crying, but I was mortified checking her constantly and making sure she was comfy and happy. We had fun on our mini vacay and I felt confident that we could make it on our upcoming trip to Texas to introduce this baby to her family! Though I reside in the greater DC metro area, I am from Texas. Born and raised, lived there until 2 weeks shy of my 19th birthday. After having baby E, not everyone could make it up to visit. So going home was a better idea because my family and the in-laws live in the same town and everyone could descend on her at once. I am terrified of germs in general (I got the flu while 6 months pregnant from air travel thus confirming my fear of confined spaces and dirty people), leading us to drive the 18 plus hours across some 5 or 6 states to introduce my tiny love to her crazy massive family. The fluffs were taken to the kennel(dog jail) for fear of how they would travel with a crying baby in the car. (that was another disaster in of itself.) The trip wasn’t horrible we stopped every 3 hours (hubbie wanted to stop every time she cried) to nurse, diaper change (potty break), and stretch our legs and Emma’s whole body. She was really well behaved and calm considering that she was trapped in a car seat for over 9 hours a day. We made it to into town, and then the fun really began. Emma was introduced to about 20 new people, the most people she has ever encountered since her delivery. I imagine this was overwhelming for her, because when I go home I often find myself nervous at the sheer amount of people that gather in one house that are all family. The visit was 10 days, and I found myself torn at the thought of leaving. When I was in Texas I knew there was unlimited help at every turn, and once I returned here there was only me and hubs. I won’t deny I miss my family; they care so much for us and are always willing to help. We just live 1500 miles away it’s sort of a big deal. These are some of the struggles of a military wife living across the country from family and friends.

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