Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Christmas is fast approaching and I am behind. Like we haven’t even had a Santa picture made yet people. With our big move to the Dallas area I just feel out of sorts. I don’t really know my way around too well yet and have frequented the malls during the holidays to know the lowdown on Santa. On that whole Santa train of thought, did you let your kids believe in Santa? In your house is Santa a real dude that creeps down your chimney or in your front door and leaves gifts for good boys and girls? Or are you the parent who lays it all out for your kids: look Santa is a fairytale, just like the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny I put the gifts under the tree and if a creepy old bearded man comes down our chimney he will get a rump of buckshot?! Back to Santa photos maybe I’m the only weird one, but I expect Santa to be all gussied up from head to toe in his red suit. I don’t care if it’s 95 or 32. For some reason here, the big guy doesn’t rock the coat, at least not a Santa I have seen. It bothers me, like he is wearing an odd shirt covered in snowflakes or bears at 2 malls I’ve visited and I ain’t about that life y’all. In Hawaii last Christmas, Santa was wearing floral shorts and shirt. I was offended, therefore there are no photos of said Santa. Also I am obsessed with the kids coordinating if not on some sort of matching level, like an overbearing mother who will make them wear matching Christmas pajamas until they are 30.

When I planning their outfits I had to take a number of things into consideration. First and foremost this weather is killing me. I hate it. This isn’t Christmas weather; it’s not even fall weather. I am looking for 50 or less, crisp air to feel really in the spirit of Christmas and ole Mother Nature just isn’t cooperating with me. So *hopefully* this week when we head out to see Jolly Old Saint Nick, the weather will be cool enough for one or the other of my 2 choices! I often get asked how I plan outfits for pictures of all sorts and honestly I find one piece for one person (usually E) and then I plan for the rest of us around her! For Santa pics thankfully I am only dressing 2 people, which makes it easier. The thing I like about both of these outfits is that I can add or subtract layers: sweaters, tights, or a long tee.


1,2&3)Zara 4)Freshly Picked 5)Hello Hadley 6)Alice + Ames 7)Hanna Andersson 8)Gap


1) Hello Hadley 2)Rylee + Cru 3)Oh Cozy Knits for Rylee + Cru 4)Zuzii Footwear 5)Gap 6)Rylee + Cru 7)Freshly Picked

And now what you have all been waiting for the winner of the Freshly Picked Giveaway!

Marian C! Congrats lady you have 24 hours to contact me with the info on the size and color moccs you want!

On a side note, I want to make known that I, as well as any other person running a giveaway, can see if you actually follow through with the entries you claim! Be certain if you want to be considered you are actually completing the steps if you want to win!



One thought on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town

  1. So on the Santa in the outfit tip. I LOVE a traditional Santa too! Like really love. It only seems right he is all dressed up. However I was once told Santa doesn’t wear his full suit until Christmas eve. So the outfits of Christmas print shirts and suspenders are what he wears while he is making his list, last minute toys etc. If that’s the case he better look just like Santa, no fake beard or anything. Love both the oitfits for E and O. They have the cutest clothes!

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