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I didn’t take it to heart when I was told there would be sleep regression around certain ages and/or milestones. E has learned to roll over, like no crap, back to front full 360 degree rolls. This will be my demise I’m afraid, she has been waking 5 times a night for no apparent reason, other than just to practice her new skills. She rolls against the crib and gets as far as she can and yells, not because she can’t roll the other way, just because. She is still sleeping in my room and all the noises she makes wake me, since I’m officially a mom and a chronic worrier. It’s driving me nuts, the lack of sleep and the constant rolling and yelling.


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Wakey wakey mommy!


After her checkup and talking to her pediatrician I have come to the heart wrenching decision to let lovey cry it out. I had hoped this day wouldn’t come. According to her there are 3 ways to deal with this.

1. don’t just keep getting up with her throughout the night and wait for it to end.

2. co-sleep which is a SIDS risk she said. I’m not necessarily opposed to to co-sleeping it just makes me nervous. Plus I like my own space, and not having to worry throughout the night that I may roll over on my baby.

3. CIO cry it out.

The only viable option it seemed to my sleep deprived mind at this point was cry it out. She told me it would be tough the first and second night but like cake afterwards. Let her cry for short periods of time 2 minutes then comfort her, then 5 minutes and comfort her….etc. Don’t pick her up just calmly comfort her with your voice and touch and then walk out of the room. It didn’t work, the first time she cried I couldn’t bare it and ran to her rescue. I guess I’m not as hardcore mom as I thought. She’s been super easy sleeper for the most part. She goes down quickly wakes once for a feeding and passes back out immediately. So now that the fever/fussiness has passed from her boosters, its time. Tonight is the night, I am afraid of how I will handle it, but more so afraid of how daddy is going to react to letting his baby bear cry her little heart out. I hope we make it through the night! As I mentioned above, I couldn’t do it. She is my little love and it broke my heart to let her cry. She was so upset and it hurt my heart. Like really, no one tells you how hard it is to not sleep for 2 weeks and then try and let your tiny baby cry it out. It just isn’t for me I guess. I hope that she can figure this sleep thing out on her own, and that it never comes down to me having to let her cry it out. I don’t know how other moms get through this, its hard too hard for me.

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