Project 52: Week 13

It is becoming a trend. My favorite pictures are of both my girls. E and her Gadgette.


This pic was post naptime, we heard E stirring and starting to talk and up the stairs Gadgette bounded, beating me into the baby’s room to greet her with a toy and everything! E squealed with delight when she saw her pup come in the room and it was just too sweet to not capture! They have such a sweet bond and I can tell they are going to be great friends! Gadgette was my little girl before E came along, she has always been more lovey than her counterpart Gizmo, who you will probably never see photoed with E. He isn’t a social dog, he does his own thing across the room most of the time, keeping an eye on us but not getting involved. So it’s just the girls most of the time. I just dream of the days when we can all snuggle up in bed together and take naps and watch movies! I love my little girls!

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