Oh Baby Shoes, I love you


freshlypickedboysWe all know I have an intense love of all things baby. Like my children dress at least 75% better than me on most days. And when it comes to buying their clothes I spare no expense! My HANDS DOWN favorite brand of shoes since E started wearing shoes is FP mind you it’s been almost 4 years (insert teary face).



Freshly Picked (for those of you living under a rock) is a brand that makes leather baby moccasins. These things are like butta y’all. But really I love them because they are great for first walkers, the flexible sole lets little ones walk practically bare foot while those tiny tootsies are still protective from the yuck that is the world. Not to mention they look damn adorable on fat baby feet.

Susan’s business started small. Like in her own home small. She spent an entire summer in 2009 banging glass out of aluminum framed windows. She took said aluminum and sold it for a $200 to purchase a bag of leather scraps and that is how the FP empire was born

Now that O is starting to try and walk I found myself looking to FP again for his first shoes! The great thing about this brand is a lot of the colors are great for boys OR girls. I looked back through E’s early years and pulled a couple pair out to share with baby brother! There are some I refuse to let him wear though, because her precious footprints are on the bottom of them (and my husband nixed purple or pink on him). Another thing I love is that they are hard for babies to get off! Like O tried for about 30 minutes to pull and tug and contort them off his feet no dice buddy.

FP can be dressed up or down which I think is important when making such a large investment in baby shoes. DUH I know his feet will grow and then he won’t be able to wear them anymore BUT you guys there is actually a large following of moms that buy used baby shoes/clothes. Mind blown right? Maybe it’ll help you convince the ole ball and chain that a pair is on the horizon….


IF NOT then you too can be the owner of a new pair of fresh buttery goodness! I’ve teamed up with Freshly Picked to give one of you a pair of your choice of FP MOCCS!!!


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A note: The winner of Freshly Picked moccasins CANNOT have won a pair within the past 60 days and MUST BE in the United States.

30 thoughts on “Oh Baby Shoes, I love you

  1. I would love to win tie dye pink!

    • Such a cute color! Good luck!

  2. I love these Moccs! I would love to win a pair of weathered brown. They would match EVERYTHING!

  3. Would love the Harvest Moon

    • Super cute choice! Good Luck!

  4. I may have spent the past 20 minutes looking at the site trying to decide on a color! Lol. My final choice? Rose Gold! 🙂

    • Great choice! They’d match anything!

  5. We love FP! They always have the cutest prints and colors, the hardest part is making a choice on color! I’m really loving the new cactus release, so cute!!!!

    • They are adorable!

  6. I would love the floral ones! 😍

    • I’m dying over the new floral!

  7. I would love the new velvet crush color being released this week !

    • Velvet crush is gorgeous!

  8. Oh Freshly Picked-you can’t go wrong! I think I would choose to size up in Blue Spruce or Zion. 😍

  9. We’re in AZ so it’d be a toss up between the Cactus or floral moccs!

  10. Love the platinum ones!

  11. The new floral ones are adorable! Thank you!

  12. I like the salt flats or wink color!

  13. I love the Summer Bloom,

  14. Fingers crossed!

  15. I love the new ones- Cactus and Velvet Mocha!

  16. I would LOVE Hot pink/Magenta 🙂

  17. The new summer floral print is adorable!! We would LOVE a pair!!

  18. I would love the velvet mocha for my baby girl! They would go with everything!

  19. I really like the Zion moccs but Id let my kiddo choose! they all seem amazing.

  20. I would go with velvet mocha 💙💙

  21. I would LOVE to win the fan favorite moccs for my little Keaton!! Something about that color has my heart always! 💙They’re just too cute💙

  22. Melissa Kephart

    Definitely have to go with gold! A neutral in my book lol!

  23. I like the neutral colors, they’d be great for my boy

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