Nursing Olympics

nursing olympicsAs E has gotten older she’s gotten, let’s say a bit more daring. She can roll over with no trouble now and is up on all fours practically scooting across the house. I am assuming that most other moms would see this coming, alas I did not. I nurse her lying in bed in the early mornings, it’s kind of our thing. If daddy interrupts by trying to join in our mommy-E time he gets a glare and she continues on cooing and nursing. Well on this particular morning we were doing our usual side lying nursing position and she begins to roll away. Normal, that’s the way things go. Then she proceeds to try and nurse upside down while lying on her stomach. Odd but okay, I thought we can try this. Then she tries to latch on the side I was not currently nursing on through my shirt, while on all fours. She starts fussing so I readjust her to lie on her side next to me, the norm. Then her feet are up in my face, legs in the air and sideways. Believe me people this was only the beginning. Later in the day she proceeded to kick me in the face while nursing, I’m guessing just because she can. Upon a little research I’ve found this will only get worse. I mean what happened to the days when we cuddled during feedings and she would drift off into a peaceful bliss? Now she takes a sip and is rearing to go! Rolling and squealing with general disregard for me and my feelings (mental and physical). So all you newer moms than me, let this be a warning, and prepare yourself for the inevitable moment your child will figure out they know how to escape from your clutches they will do it. Enjoy those helpless babies while you can ladies!

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  1. Haha! Love nursing aerobics! It’s like “how is this even comfortable?!”

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