Num nums for baby E

homemadebabyfoodEven though some of my friends and family have been poking fun at my crunchy-momness, I have opted to make all baby food at home. I was a bit anxious from the start and thought it would be waaaay too much work. I was gifted a baby bullet by my nutritionist friend and determined to put it to good use. And I have been making her food since she has been eating it. I usually make a weeks worth of food at a time to make it easier on me for the week, just as easy as popping a top on a store bought baby food. I like making her food because I know exactly what is going into her food therefore what is going into her body. These days so much of what we eat and feed our children we have NO CLUE what the ingredients mean or what they are, or the repercussions eating that stuff takes on us. On this night I made organic pears. It wasn’t technically a week’s worth of food, rather 5 days worth.

Pear Puree

2 medium pears (I got organic)

1/2 a cup of water



6 2 ounce food jars

I started with 2 pears from MOMS Organic Market. Peel and core, throw them in a pot of water bring it to boil for about 15 minutes or until mushy. Once they cool cut them up into small pieces, add a 1/2 cup of water and blend until you achieve a nice pureed texture. Pour into your food containers and allow to cool.  I popped mine in the freezer where they can be kept for a month, but I will pull them out to thaw in a few days. homemade baby food

It was incredibly easy to do and took about 30 minutes from start to washed dishes. I think that many moms think it is daunting to make their own food, but it really isn’t!

2 thoughts on “Num nums for baby E

  1. I loved making Rocky’s food! Some if not most all of it was cheaper homemade!

  2. I love that you are making E’s food. Thanks for showing us how easy it is.

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