Much Ado about Nothing

travelchecklistI am sort of a highly anxious high strung individual. I wasn’t always this way, but after years of living life on the whim of the hubs’ job I became this way. I want everything to be planned and there are lists. Many many lists. Having a baby just added to my lists, she has her own lists. I work myself up into a fury about everything and want stuff to be well prepared and precede in an orderly fashion. So the impending trip to Texas is something that I have been worrying about for a week or so now. I don’t want there to be a failure at packing like Charleston. It really doesn’t take the amount of thought and effort I am putting forth but it soothes me to be well prepared. This trip will be my first time flying with E, making things all the more nerve racking because flying will expose her to a bunch of people at once. We chose an early flight with the hopes that maybe there will be less people on it, and perhaps she will sleep like an angel and not harass the other passengers. I know there are things at home for me to borrow for E but somethings we need to bring with us. Traveling with a baby requires a lot more stuff, more than myself and hubs combined! So far my list isn’t very comprehensive and the days are withering away, I have to jump on it and soon.


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