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I want to be real, life is not everything that fits in that tiny perfect square on IG. Life is unfiltered stains and snot like 90% of the time. And E and O have some cute ‘fancy’ as some have put it, pieces in their wardrobes. At times they are dressed to the nines and I’m over here in my holey jeans and a tee, but this isn’t about me. I try to live each day remembering they’re only little once and we all only have one life to live. I really like them to have clothes that they can play and have fun in, not break my bank, AND look adorable to boot. Buying small or USA made isn’t always an option, like as much as I’d love to be able to drop $36 on a pair of leggings that shiz ain’t happening.  I have loved Target’s lines previously and was slightly devastated when they said they were discontinuing some of the brands we love so well. And then I saw their new line.


E is at the age where she is too tiny for big girl’s clothes but right on the cusp of being too big for toddler stuff. She wears a 3t in most everything and wandering through the big girl’s clothes in Target has me all the heart eyes. So I threw together a quick list of my top picks from the new lineup!


Leggings I have always been a fan of the Circo leggings from Target. They are reasonably priced and pretty adorable. Like when something cost $5 I don’t cry when she stains them or tears a hole in them or they go missing. I can handle ‘real life’ in clothes these. Don’t get me wrong you can dress them up or down, under a dress, solo and so on. I’m basic and I die for the everyday easy look when we don’t leave the house. They’re like pjs but not, you know?

The military vest is all the rage right now, and I love it’s in tiny kid form! This piece is from the big kid’s section and runs 4-16 making it an awesome piece for this fall and perhaps the next 3 years. I love transitional pieces for my wardrobe and the kid’s clothes too, and I feel like this will be a favorite piece for the life of it! (Yes I’m that crazy lady who buys some clothes ‘bigger’ to make them last) It’s a tough canvas and Olive and gray are my jam for neutral colors year round. I went with one of each but I’m kinda obsessed…

This dress is a-freaking-dorable. I love all the colors in it and it’ll wear really wear through to next spring. Again with the price as reasonable as it is, she can wear it in the yard or get paint on the front and I won’t be worked up about the potential of it being ruined for life. I can see her wearing different colored tights or shoes and making it look fun or different with each wear! Plus I love white bc you can bleach it. Like this one I’d use the little bleach pen and be able to get all the white back to white!

These socks are my life. I am currently and well for the past year and a half in love with animal stuff. O’s nursery is woodland-y and so is his first bday party theme. These are the socks that you see retailing for $12 a piece but they aren’t! They are $5 ladies and they go up to 5t! They are true over the knee socks but not super thick so she could potentially rock them on an 85 degree day and not be too hot.

Those socks will go perfect with my boot picks. Imagine them peeking out above the cute fringe ones or the riding boots. I may have snagged both of these for the price of a pair of boots I was lusting after from another big retailer. They seem comfy enough and true to size and well look AMAZING with tights this winter/fall.

These little patches are totes cute and just a sampling of the other adorable accessories they have available for your tiny tot! The patches will look adorable on the vest btw.

Finally this hat. I’m dead. I tried to force E to wear it but she refused. She would be such a cute little fashionista in it, wondering through the fields in fall boots and all, or in the cart perusing the aisles of Target…but she hated it. So someone buy it and think of me when your girl wears it!

Also they have adorable stuff for little babies. My little baby is too big for it but you should def check it out if you have a tiny nugget!

My hands down favorite thing is Target is guaranteeing their line for 1 year. Yup one year from purchase if you aren’t happy with your purchase or it somehow falls apart, with your receipt they’ll return it! And if you haven’t signed up for a Red Card they are legit worth it, faster shipping and an extra 5% off everyday!. You can do a debit card, it’s linked to your bank account and comes out as you shop or the credit card, which is a credit card…

Now for the winner of the Freshly Picked giveaway: John G! Congrats to you! Shoot me an email at casey@tinymilkcoma.com to choose your moccs! And thanks to you guys for playing along!

Note this post contains affiliate links. So if you’re gonna shop at Target.com click these first 😉

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