Is Professional Photography Worth It?


newbornphotographyI have a pretty adorable baby. And I am not the only one who thinks she is adorable, pretty much every person who sees her tells me how beautiful she is. We waited so long to have a baby, an I’m happy to have an amazing beautiful baby. So I want to make sure to capture it as many times professionally as I can. Honestly I can say that if you are on the fence about having professional pics made of your family do it. It is worth every stinkin penny mamma. To have someone capture a moment in time that is so precious and fleeting, is something you won’t regret. Also having the pictures taken by someone else gives you the opportunity to be in the photos with your family. I have so many many pictures of E with her daddy and mostly selfies with my love. Plus taking your own photos  just isn’t the same as having a beautiful family picture made.

In the beginning I just couldn’t see the point in ‘investing’ (photographer lingo for cost) so much money in having photos taken. I thought oh we just got a fancy new dslr especially for the baby’s arrival, we don’t need to pay someone to photograph her. We can just look at pictures online and figure out how to do it ourselves. True, we could have but we had none of the supplies and none of the patience for that. Upon her arrival I was a hormonal hot mess and we were both exhausted, so at about a week old I decided we MUST get them done and pronto (in the first 2 weeks) if I wanted all those sweet sleepy baby poses. I researched online for hours and found an amazing local photographer to take her pictures. It took a few hours and some mucho mula but I love the outcome and I don’t regret it one bit. I am so glad I had this done. I know some expectant/new parents are on the fence about whether they should get pictures taken professionally and I think it’s a good investment. Your baby is only tiny once, they change so much in just a few weeks and I feel like if you don’t you might be sorry later. I didn’t get maternity pictures made, I never looked very pregnant I carried high and to the back and I’m a bit sour about it now, but alas it’s too late. For my next pregnancy I might get pics made, but only time will tell (if we have another) how I will feel about it then.

So far we’ve had 4 professional photo shoots: a newborn shoot, a 4 month/family shoot, a big family shoot, a family shoot for Christmas, and we have E’s 6 month shoot coming up in the next few weeks! I might think the world of my little family, we are just so cute, and I have yet to see a more attractive baby. E is amazing and perfect and totally worth the wait. I’m so glad I chose to have some of the most important moments of her life to date captured through the lens of a professional. And I just want to toot my own horn for the photographer telling me I coordinated us amazingly! I keep telling everyone to let me color coordinate the family shoots maybe they’ll listen now!

East Texas Area peeps check out this great photographer who has done some family shoots for us:

Kendal Jessup Photography

DC Area peoples check out this amazing photographer:

Tiny Touch Photography

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  1. I just love your photos! I think professional photograph is definitely worth it!

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