If you give a baby cereal, will she want a glass of milk?

I have just begun feeding E ‘real people food’. We finally agree it is time for her to move on up to the big leagues.  (She of course needed all the goods to begin eating real food. There was a high chair to be built and adorable bowls and matching spoons.)
yum yum
By that I mean we are transitioning from solely breast milk to rice cereal. It’s only been about a week or a week and a half and we aren’t making much progress. I am quite nervous to introduce her to new things, I would myself to be a ‘semi-crunchy’ mom and have decided to make it all at home with fresh ingredients. Never did I think it would be so difficult to get a true ‘puree’ with no lumps in it. I tried to make carrot puree with breast milk, and she hated it. I tried it for 2 days and both days she spit it all out. Pretty much a giant waste of liquid gold. (I used to be able to pump ounces and ounces of milk and now if I get 3 a side I consider myself lucky.) It’s super confusing trying to figure out what to feed her too. Everyone has a different opinion on what should be fed first it’s overwhelming really.

chowing down!

Eventually though, I hope to be feeding her like a normal person out off the grocer’s shelf, not from a boob. It’s something I was looking forward to, the day when I could be free from a baby constantly attached to my chest. Now it’s here and I am feeling a little sad about the loss of that snuggle time, about her new found independence. It is hard because I know she’s growing up. She is no longer my tiny little helpless nugget. She gets more and more self-sufficient every day. I remember thinking I can’t wait for this day to come. I just don’t know. I want to cuddle her in my arms and make her my little baby again. I want her to need me for everything again, and want to be held all the time. It’s true when people say ‘they grow up fast cherish every moment’ she’s a totally different baby from when I first brought her home just 5 months ago.

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