Hurray for Naptime!

baby nap timeAs baby E gets older her nap times have become more predictable, and this is perhaps the best thing ever for my sanity. From the start she napped randomly throughout the day and I had to accomplish everything I wanted on the whim of a tiny little person’s chosen nap.  I now know that around noon she will be ready to go down and I can just count down the minutes until she is down and out. It is pretty amazing, for these brief few hours I get to be Casey, not E’s mom, butt wiper, diaper changer, just me. I think that it is the only thing that keeps me sane some days. Now I have a baby who keeps me busy all day, every day. She is awake more and active and a lot more fun than a helpless little baby. During naptime I do the things that I enjoy, scrapbook, online shop, love my puppies, or take a nap myself. For the longest I was concerned that this routine naptime wouldn’t come, but it’s here! Oh glory day! She started napping at the same time and for about a month it happens daily and slowly I feel myself getting a grasp on this thing called motherhood.

2 thoughts on “Hurray for Naptime!

  1. I’m pretty sure the day they figure out nap time the heavens open up and angels sing.

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