Holiday Traditions

Christmas has come and gone, leaving me looking forward to next year’s Christmas celebrations. E will be nearly 2 (oh wow I can’t believe it!) and can participate more in festivities and we can start making Christmas traditions. I thought I would begin to compile a list of hopefuls for next year’s holiday season.

Christmas Pajamas


 I already instituted this one. I bought her adorable little pjs especially for Christmas morning. She wore them to bed the night before, and I plan on giving them to her on Christmas Eve every year, a present she and any subsequent siblings can open that night before bath time. I think this will be cute, and while I wanted to go matching for the whole family I was talked out of it….but getting new pjs on Christmas Even isn’t so bad for the grownups too!

Elf on the Shelf (or something similar)

This is a super cute idea in my opinion. The elf shows up and ‘watches’ your kids and does silly naughty things around the house that normally would be frowned upon. Because he/she is an elf its ok and from what I hear kids adore finding their elf and seeing what type of antics have occurred during the night. It is a little creepy, as a child I would be slightly terrified to think a toy is watching me and wreaking havoc in my house at night while we are all asleep but adorable none the less.

Cookies for Santa

I remember as a child we would bake, decorate, and set out a plate of cookies for Santa before we went to bed on Christmas Eve. In the morning they would all be gone, with nothing left but crumbs! Along the same line is food for the reindeer, where the family gets together and makes a trail mix and sprinkles it in the yard or on the driveway for the ‘reindeer’ to eat (though I don’t want to attract any random wildlife up into my yard so I’m not 100% sold on that idea).

Christmas Tree Hunting

Yes I call it hunting, you have to ‘hunt’ for the perfect tree. Gathering the family up and everyone pitching in to choose the tree for the year, is a great tradition and an awesome way to get in some family time. As a kid I didn’t do this since some of my siblings and mother have allergies we couldn’t have a real tree in our house. My little family did it this year, and there was even snow on the ground! It was a great first adventure for picking our tree, even though E didn’t want to wear her coat out at the tree farm. Oh well, there’s always next year!

Trimming the Tree


This will be fun once E gets a bit older and can help. It would be nice if my husband participated too (hint hint). It would be great to sip hot cocoa and watch a Christmas movie while putting up the ornaments and lights and decorations for the holiday season.

Christmas Breakfast


I think this would be awesome to have breakfast after opening gifts on Christmas morning, we all sit down for a nice family breakfast. How realistic this is, I don’t know. I spent 5+ hours cooking dinner, and the thought of also making breakfast is a tad daunting.

Are there any Christmas traditions your family has?

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