Have You Heard of Chatbooks?

Christmas is right around the corner (I know you’re tired of hearing it already but its true!) and the hunt for the perfect gift for everyone is on. I know my family loves to have photos of my kids and finding a way to share them that isn’t time consuming or costly takes serious effort. I used to scrapbook, but with 2 kids and a busy schedule I just don’t want to find the time most days. I got behind like a whole year and just gave up! I began searching for an easier way to store my memories, that wasn’t just on a hard drive in a drawer. A couple of years ago I came across a startup company called Chatbooks. The problem with me is I never print my photos. I take hundreds upon thousands every year, and I’ll upload them to social media, but never to take the time to go through and choose the ones I loved and load them up and print them in physical photos. Sure I’d do a special moment here or there but I was printing less than 20 photos a year. Enter Chatbooks.


They took 60 memories from your Instagram account and put them into a sweet little 6×6 inch softcover photo book so you could have your digital memories in print without the mess of 60 individual photos. Chatbooks is an app, you give permission to access your Instagram account or your camera roll on your phone. I’m subscribed to a series, so it’s essentially on auto print. I receive an email saying my next book will go to print in 3 days, and I can hop on edit or delete photos, rearrange them before the book is sent to print. For a mere $8 (+ shipping) I get a book full of my memories. Depending on your frequency of uploading pics (it takes me a few months to complete a book) it will take a matter of months or a few weeks.


As time has gone on Chatbooks has grown and added new features, such as custom books, where you can load certain pics from your Instagram, or based on a hashtag up to 366 photos into one book. The pricing varies from $12 and up on these so check the website/app for details. They then added the option for hardcovers to your books, making them look more luxurious and sturdy. The option was added to upload photos from your camera roll, cloud, Dropbox etc. You don’t even need an Instagram account to make a book anymore! They have a new option to subscribe to a Facebook series for those of you who aren’t about that IG life. There is even an option for 5 inch square prints now! In the past year or so they even do collaborations for limited time with various artists! Their current holiday collab is with Anna Rifle Bond of Rifle Paper Co. and it is freaking adorable. I am seriously contemplating making books from last year just to get all the limited time covers. This year they’ve added an option to snag your friend’s most popular photos and put it in a book for them!

Another great thing about these books is the option to customize them. You can add date, location and description. Perhaps not everyone in your family knows you took a trip to the beach this summer. Caption the photos with a play by play of that day. Or write down memories as you would in your scrapbook! And you’ll love it or you’re guaranteed your money back! They also have top notch customer service. I received a book with weird marks through some of the photos, I contacted customer service through the app and the next day my book was reprinted and shipped to me, no hassle or shenanigans or anything.


I personally love to use them for gifts, it’s a great way to share photos with family that aren’t online, or don’t have social media accounts. It also prevents me from having to text or share all my private photos in a public forum. I started sharing Chatbooks a few Christmases ago with family and have been told time and again they are an awesome gift. So awesome some members of the family have copied my idea and they too hopped on the Chatbook Christmas gifting wagon!

If you are interested in trying out Chatbooks click my here and receive your first book free!


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