Googaro Box: November 2013

My Googaro Box was waiting on the front step when I arrived home, and after E’s nap we tore into our new box! This month I decided to ‘shop around’ and see what these products were selling for on the open market. More just for a price comparison for me, but also for you too! Again I think the purpose of these boxes it to introduce moms to new brands that they might not necessarily purchase on their own, or may not be readily available locally. I have fallen in love with several items from previous boxes! This month I received 6 items all full sized and totally useful!

7th Generation Bottle & Dish Liquid

7th Generation Bottle and Dish Liquid

I never really thought about it but maybe normal dish soap isn’t that best for baby’s goods. I handwash all of E’s bottles, bowls and spoons, as well as toys making this a product I’m super eager to try! It doesn’t really seem to have a smell and is said to be hypoallergenic and clean rinsing.

Retail Value: $3.99 Amazon: $2.99

iPlay Mitten Clips

Iplay Mitten Clips

These are pretty awesome for a kid of any age, they will grow with E and honestly I never would have thought to buy them until winter had fully set in! And they are pink making them even better for my sweet baby girl!

Retail Value: $5.95

Maison Chic Owl Musical Toy

Maison Chic Owl

In our household owls are everywhere. I love owls therefor by default so does E. And this toy is a perfect addition to her collection. It plays soothing lullabies and is made of soft cord fabric is sure to be her new go to toy!

Retail Value: $19.99

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

We have experienced only a few bouts of diaper rash in our 6 months together. Nothing too severe and I have tried many many brands, but this is one I haven’t tried yet. For the price it’s a generous size for an organic butt balm and is going straight to the nursery! It has an herbal smell, which I have come to expect from organic baby products.

Retail Value: $19.95  Target: $8.15

Wonderworld Squishy Rattle

Wonderworld Squishy Rattle

I love eco-friendly toys and I love that Googaro finds awesome new brands I have never heard of before to stuff in these boxes! This little rattle is made of rubberwood with nontoxic paint, dyes, and lacquers. It’s also glue free, which is hard to find with wooden toys!

Retail Value: $11.99  Target: $8.99

 Simply Organic Mulling Spice

Mulling Spice

I know these boxes are supposed to be about the kids, but I love when they send a little surprise for mom! This mulling spice is sure to hit the spot in my cider tonight with the fireplace all light up after E goes to bed! It’s organic and gluten free making it that much easier for me to down it quickly!

Retail Value: $3

All of the items in this month’s box were a hit with me. I will definitely use them all over and over again. The retail value according to Googaro is $57.87 with the prices I found online it totaled out to be $49.07. Both prices are great considering I paid $30 for the box and shipping was included!

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Check out a video of the un-boxing here

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  1. Fun products. Thanks for sharing the discount link!

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