Fall Fashion for baby E!

I love clothes. I have a baby girl this makes my urge to buy new clothes about 200% higher than just purchasing for myself. (poor daddy) There is so much cuteness to be had and I cannot deny that it’s super hard not to! Unfortunately (but really fortunately) E has a ton of clothes in the 6 month size range which she is slowly working her way into. On a side note I CANNOT believe my baby is starting to wear 6 month clothes. I swear yesterday she was still in newborn size when did this happen? I am wanting to buy her a few pieces for fall to transition into winter and I just want to share the cuteness with all!

Baby Cord Bloomers


I love cords for me, make them into a baby bloomer and I’m bouty bout it. She can rock them with tights to make it into those crisp fall days, and in the winter she can wear leggings underneath them.

A Grownup Looking Coat

Double-breasted coat - tannery

I love clothes for baby that look like they belong to an adult. I would totally wear this coat as a grownup. Super presh.



Ok so we’ve all ready started wearing these in the crisp fall weather, and there is something so adorable about a fat ole baby butt with her chunky thighs wearing these!

Llama Hat

llama beanie

Baby when it’s cold outside E will have this on her head. The llamas are amazing because who doesn’t love llamas. She can wear this sans a jacket for that cool hipster look, and then for practical purposes when it’s cold. As long as this giant head she inherited from her dad doesn’t get too much bigger….

Quilted Tail Coat


I am in love with this coat style, I’ve seen several other versions but this is my favorite with the shearling lined hoodie it will keep her super warm and it’s great for layering. Not to mention it’s pink!!

Cute Crib shoes


Shoes for a non-walking baby are pointless and ridiculous I know. But look at these mini-boots (just like moms) and these adorable little brouge-y oxford types. She hates to wear socks so maybe putting shoes on her will force her to keep them on!




I could go on for days about tights, they change an outfit so much for an adults and babies alike. There are really too many cute ones to count, they’ll keep those leggies warm on brisk days under dresses and she (err I) can make a statement with all the colors and prints.


baby scarf

Those of you who know me well can attest to my massive scarf collection. And H&M makes scarfs for babies! Why not start her scarf obsession super early?! Tiny little adorable scarfs to keep her neck warm and give her something to chew on.

The Grandpa Sweater


I have a fascination with sweaters, ‘grandpa’ sweater in particular the ones with the big collar, in baby size they are even better!

The Holiday Dress


I have yet to purchase one yet, but she will need one for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. I may spend both days in sweats cooking but she will be dressed to the baby nines.

The Halloween Costume

This is the first Halloween for E making it super important to me to make her costume rock. I am fully aware she cannot trick or treat, or eat candy but I am doing it anyway. I put very little thought into this one, I knew what I wanted her to be from the start. Sure I could go with the typical pumpkin baby or kitty or puppy. Let’s face it that ain’t me. E is going to be…. A MERMAID!


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