E’s first Halloween!

old town alexandria vaE’s first Halloween was a kind of a big deal for me. I was super excited and spent months planning what she would be. A MERMAID! Her costume was a little on the risque side according to my husband, so she wore a long sleeve onsesie underneath to keep warm and modest. We went out with friends who had actual trick or treating age child he dressed as Elmo and his younger brother Mickey. Elmo was meant to be the main focus as he is a toddler doing trick or treating, but alas my tiny nuggie stole the show! Everyone loved her costume, and her adorable little face. My planning and worrying about what she should be to mark her first Halloween ever was totally worth it, she was a hit! We went down into Old Town Alexandria, and walked a couple blocks that participate in the Halloween festivities every year. All the houses are decorated and the occupants sit on the porch and pass out the good candy. I love Old Town so any reason to go visit the gorgeous historic area is good enough for me. The backdrops of the old bricks and shutters are literally to die for! I love it down there so much!! We had fun walking the streets, then went out for dinner, got E home and in bed by 8:30 (super late for her). Once at home I was a total Halloween downer, it’s hard to want people at your door when your dogs hate others and your baby is asleep. I kept the lights off out front to discourage anyone ringing our bell or knocking. I felt like it was the best first Halloween she could have possibly had!  We hope your Halloween was equally as awesome!


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  1. Excellent job on baby E’s first Halloween.

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