Enough Gas to Fuel a Car

babyfartEmma has been literally killing me with her lack of sleep. She has had the worst gas I have ever witnessed in any person adult or baby or even dog for that matter. It’s odd to witness the amount of gas that comes from such a tiny creature, the sheer pain it seems to cause her, and how they sound as if a grown man is farting. Said horrible gas is preventing her from sleeping which in turn is keeping this exhausted momma up all night. This has gone on for 5 days now with no reprieve and I have had quite enough. I have tried all the tricks offered by the doctors and nothing worked, gas drops, gripe water (useless), cycling of the legs, extra tummy time, holding baby at an angle with her head up while she was eating to prevent extra gas. Nothing worked. So on this night at the first sign of resistance to sleep due to gas, I dragged her 25 pound monkey swing up the stairs and swaddled her up tight and snapped her in for the night. I lay there staring at the ceiling asking for a miracle, please let this work. A half hour passed and no crying or man farting so I dozed. AND I SLEPT! Glorious day she slept for a full 8 hours so I got to sleep for nearly 7!!! I was beyond excited when I awoke at 3 am and she was still asleep, I had to go over and check to make sure she was still breathing (because yes I am that mom) and of course she was! Around 6am she woke on her own for a feeding and we had made it through the night. I cannot even express in words my joy to have gotten to sleep semi through the night for the first time in nearly a week!!

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