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I got a new door quite a while ago now, and let’s just say it isn’t exactly what I pictured. I knew there was a big ole glass window in the top of it, I don’t know how big I was expecting it to be, but I thought it would be opaque. Well it’s not. It is clear right in the middle, which wouldn’t bother me much IF it didn’t look straight into the kitchen. Maybe I’m weird but I don’t like people looking in my house. Curtains and blinds were made for a reason people: privacy. When the light is on in the kitchen it’s basically a free for all from the street. I tried this really great technique where you buy clear contact paper and it ‘frosts’ the window. No luck. You could still see through it. So I moved on to modge podge and white tissue paper. Yes it does the trick lets light in, no one can see in, but I can’t see out to know who is at my door. (and I think it looks sort of hood…) So I began thinking, I need to have the ability to see out the window if I want, BUT keep people from looking in. (my husband says no one wants to look in that I suffer from paranoia but I want to know who is out there and not know that I can see them and there is no peep hole. random right?) Another prediciment I face is that my husband doesn’t want to put holes in the door. Which I kind of get but come on what’s a couple holes? I finally figured out a solution and by golly it worked!

hanging a curtain without nails or screws

I gathered up all my supplies. Fabric of choice, (I had 2 yards of this stuff on hand.) wooden dowel, 2 3M command hooks and their backings, a tape measure, scissors (or a fancy fabric cutter thing) I also used a self healing mat, and a fancy fabric ruler, and my sewing machine (not pictured)

no damage front door curtain

I  measured the offending window first. I Added 3 inches to the top, bottom and sides to account for hemming and covering around the entire window.

hanging a curtain without damaging wall

Then I set to work using my rotary wheel (I knew it had an official name) to cut the fabric the correct lengths. I folded it lengthwise to cut all the fabric at once, and then again crosswise to cut the fabric all in one fell swoop. (well 2 fell swoops but you get the idea)

diy curtain for front door

Then I ironed out this bad boy. After ironing the wrinkles and lines out I ironed the hems around the fabric, it just makes it so much easier that way. I did about an inch on each side and 1/2 inch on the bottom and 2 1/2 on the top for the dowel to slip into.

diy curtain for front door

Now it’s time to sew! Simply sewed up all the hems that are ironed and put the dowel in. Make sure to sew the hem that will be the top last. Now go over to the window and figure out where to hang the 3M hooks. I hung mine a bit above the window with some extra door on each side, so my entire window would be covered from prying eyes.

diy curtain for front door

I also cut down the dowel, I had a little help from hubs since I am not allowed to play with power tools and I wanted to finish this during E’s nap time.

And voila! Done son, now I can peep at people on my stoop but they won’t be able to peep back! I was concerned that the dowel might slip off the hooks, but the weight of the curtain is holding the rod in place so I don’t think that it will be an issue.

hanging a curtain with no damage Here is my finished product in daylight and with it dark outdoors and the entry light on!

diy curtain with no damage

The project only cost me about $4 because I had a Joann coupon for the hooks, the dowel was .99 and the fabric and other supplies on hand. I am going to paint the dowel another day and possibly make more for the sidelights as they have see through glass at the top too.

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