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I really wanted E to have an adorable headband for our upcoming Christmas card photo shoot. I contacted several sellers on Etsy to no avail. I needed it in less than 2 weeks and no one was replying to confirm that they could meet my deadline! I finally gave up and purchased the supplies to make my own. I don’t want to reveal too much about the outfit because it will ruin the beauty of my Christmas card. But I made this headband all on my own, after seeing the idea online I figured out how to put it together on my own.

Shabby Chic Double Flower Headband

First I gathered all my supplies:


I have a yard of shabby flowers in wine

Fabric Fusion Glue

Glitter elastic

Needle and thread

Sheet of felt

Craberry rhinestone button

(Not pictured are my scissors and hot glue gun.)

I trimmed 2 flowers from the netting they come attached to.

burgundy shabby flowers

Then attach them to the sheet of felt. Afterwards cut the felt away around the flowers.

burgundy shabby flower

Take rhinestone button and cut away the shaft. I used a pair of scissors to do it.

rhinestone button

Attach button to center of flowers with hot glue.

burgundy shabby chic flowers

Now cut the length of stretch elastic to size. I cut 16 inches because E has her father’s massive head. Then put a few stitches on the ends to secure it.

red glitter headband

Trim another piece of felt to the similar size as the one adhered to the back. Put where the stitching is on the elastic inside the felt cover sandwich. And Glue

burgundy shabby chic headband

Now trim off the extra felt around the flowers and BAMO WHAMO: DONE

burgundy shabby chic headband

Pretty much I spent less than half the amount being charged on Etsy. And I have enough supplies to make 6 or 7 headbands. Yah I’m pretty impressed with myself.

I can’t wait to see it in action next week!

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  1. I just love this! Super cute headband.

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