Citrus Lane February

I have been stalking my email for days waiting for updated tracking info on February’s Citrus Lane box, when KABLAM it was on my front door. I’m a bit jealous that it takes forever for my box to arrive now that they ship Fed Ex smart post, and everyone else receives theirs well before me. None the less I was excited to rip this bad boy open!


Shape Sorter from Plan Toys


This is pretty neat little guy, the shapes to be sorted are attached to the sorting piece. Since the pieces are all attached it will be great as a grab and go toy, we don’t have any parts to lose! It is made from rubberwood and painted with non toxic paints. We got the push car a few months ago and E loves it so I’m sure that this will be no different. My only complaint is that as a fully capable adult I keep getting the knots in the cord stuck while pushing the shapes.

Estimated Retail Value: $14.99

Pulp Teething Feeder from Boon


We have several items from Boon and we love them all! I’m not so sure about the Pulp feeder though. I tried giving E a mesh feeder once and it didn’t end well. I also think this is a little young for her, she is all ready chewing bigger more solid foods, making it a touch disappointing. I don’t think she liked the food just randomly squishing out. This feeder will be nice though because it is easily washable as it is.

Estimated Retail Value: $7.49

Bedtime Rhymes from Barefoot Books


As usual we love board books, and Citrus Lane just went on ahead and tossed another keeper in. I love owls, therefore this book is amazing in my eyes. It is beautifully illustrated and will make a great addition to our book collection.

Estimated Retail Value: $6.99

Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream from Juicy Beauty


This lotion is supposed to defy the aging of hands, and help them stay all soft and dewy like the hands of a non-mom. It smells ok and doesn’t burn my weather tortured hands. It is recommended for very sensitive hands, which at this time of year is pretty much impossible. I have to agree with some of the other moms on this also, getting a gift for me is nice, but not neccesary. I would rather have had another item for baby, I probably won’t use this hand cream again.

Estimated Retail Value: $14.80

The estimated retail value of this month’s box $44.27, higher than the $25 price tag. Honestly this month’s box was disappointing to me. I know the items were valued high enough to make it worth the amount I spent, BUT it doesn’t stop me from not liking this box as much. I hope that next month’s box is better!

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