Citrus Lane Box

Citrus Lane box citrus lane review citrus lane versus googaroOur Citrus Lane box arrived for December and I was super excited to break it open and see all the goodies inside! It was decorated all cutely with snowflakes and little punch out snowmen on the bottom (similar to the mustaches in November).  Mine seemed to get here waaay after everyone else’s came, which was slightly disappointing. They seemed to have changed the shipping to Smart Post which took a bit longer than the old way. None the less this is our final box for Christmas and I was ready to dig in!

Episencial Snuggly Lotion

I don’t really have to say much, by now you guys know I LOVE this brand! E had dry patches on her arms and legs, and after using Episencial products exclusively they were gone in 2 days. I have eczema and I have been stealing her lotion to use on my hands (where it’s worst) and no more terrible cracked painful skin for me either. This is a new smell for us and I like it just as well as all the others we have used thus far. Honestly Episencial is a brand I will following like a moth to a flame from now on! I cannot say enough good things about this company and their products.

Suggested Retail Value: $7.30


Pearhead: Handprint Keepsake

This is adorable, and I’m pretty dissapointed in myself for not thinking to purchase one on my own. So thank you Citrus Lane for hooking a momma up! The keepsake is made of a clay that is premixed and air drying, so it will be super easy to stamp E’s little hand or foot in. And it’s even accident proof you can smooth it over and try again! This will be an awesome keepsake for E’s first Christmas.

Suggested Retail Value: $12.99

This is a cute little floppy loppy dog. It is soft and small for E to carry easily and I’m sure it’ll become a good friend for her to chew on. Some of his hairs were coming out upon opening, but hopefully after a wash it will be all good.

Suggested Retail Value: $9.99


Haba Klick Klack

This is a sweet little wooden toy, made of Beech wood and stained, held all together by an elastic band. It makes a cute little noise click clack noise when it’s bent back and forth.

Suggested Retail Value: $8.50

There are some great products in this month’s Citrus Lane box and I will definitely be repurchasing some of them! This month’s box came to a total of $38.78 making it worth the price per box. Since I peeked at other baby’s boxes before mine arrived, I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get a Barefoot Book, as older kids did. I would have preferred it to the loppy dog. We loved most of the box and are looking forward to next month’s box!

Be sure to check out my video unboxing here!

Note: I found the price comparisons on Amazon, they often sell merchandise below a retailer cost.

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