Citrus Lane Box: September 2013

Citrus Lane September 2013

Starting out with my first baby, I have no baby goods for her. We have to purchase everything and honestly there is so much stuff available it’s overwhelming. I opted to sign up for a the Citrus Lane subscription box that sends a variety of goods for your babe, dependent upon age and gender. They have a team of ‘experts’ that they ask for opinions on what is the best of the best in current baby products. This is my second box and so far I’ve been happy with my subscription.

Chime Ball from Skip Hop

Citrus Lane September 2013

This little toy is pretty cute, a little lambie that chimes when it is rolled or shaken. It will be perfect to encourage baby E to start crawling after it, and should be fun when she’s walking also. Plus it’s super soft!

Retail Value: $10

Charley Harper 123s board book

tiny milk coma

This book is quite different from most other books that I have gotten for baby. It doesn’t have those cutesy drawings and bright colors. It’s more like artwork for adults but in a kid’s book. Kinda cute, probably something I wouldn’t have bought but a nice addition to her library.

Retail Value: $6-$12

Playful Wash from Episencial

Citrus Lane September 2013

After learning the types of horrible chemically things that are in baby wash and lotions I am always looking for organic all natural products for E. This is 3.4 ounces of citrusy smellin baby wash. I like that it’s organic but I don’t know about the burst of citrus at bath time. It’s described as “energizing” which is the last thing I want at bedtime.

Retail Value: $4

Doctor Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment

Citrus Lane September 2013

Citrus Lane sent 2 small .5 ounce samples for the diaper bag or the nursery. I have yet to give these a try, but they don’t have a smell which is nice. They are also said to eliminate diaper rash overnight.

Retail Value: $1.50

Julep Nail Polish

Citrus Lane September 2013

This month there is a nice little surprise for mommy. I love nail polish but can’t see spending this much on a tiny bottle. It’s a color called Coco a nice oxblood, perfect for the fall trend!

Retail Value: $14

Overall the box is valued at about $37.50, which made it worthwhile to me since the box costs $25 for the month to month and 3 month subscriptions. Sign up through my link below and get $10 off your first month’s subscription!

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