Chunky Bead Baby Necklace

chunkybeadbabynecklaceI’ve been seeing these super adorable chunky bead necklaces on babies everywhere. I really wanted to purchase one and after the trouble with sellers on Etsy not contacting me back, I decided to order supplies and make one myself. I made it to match the headband for our upcoming photo session for our holiday cards, which will match our outfits. I’m kind of surprised how inexpensive it was to make it myself and honestly how easy it was. I know that E is going to need one to match every outfit and for all special occasions now that I have the supplies!

First I gather up all my supplies:

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

24mm beads in Ivory, Navy, and burgundy, and rhinestone beads in a navy/purple

Tiger Tail Beading Wire

4mm spacer beads

Lobster Clasps

E6000 Glue (not pictured)

Crimp beads


Bead tray (optional)

Wire cutter (optional)

I chose to lay all my beads out on the tray to see what it would look like before I put it together, that way I could get an idea of what it would look like. That’s where the bead tray comes in handy!

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Start stringing the beads, pretty self-explanatory.

2013-11-08 11.49.50

Once the beads are all strung attach a crimp bead, then jump ring on one side. Now loop the wire back through the crimp bead and pull tight making the loop smaller. Smash crimp bead with pliers causing it to close up and hold the wire in place. Clip excess wire.

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

I wanted to add extra jump rings to make the length of the necklace adjustable. Just pull the beads apart and attach.

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Now add the claw part to the other side of the necklace along with the crimp bead. Push wire back in itself again and pull tight then smash crimp bead with wire.

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Clip extra wire and tuck the wire back into the beads. At this point I added a drop of glue for extra security on the inside of the last bead to help hold it in place. I don’t want E tugging it apart and breaking it.

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

My model woke up just in the nick of time for a taste test of her new necklace! I can’t wait to see it in action tomorrow!

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

3 thoughts on “Chunky Bead Baby Necklace

  1. Lucky Baby E. Such a cute cute necklace!

  2. Love the necklace. If you don’t mind me asking where did you find your beads. Thanks in advance Mary

    • I found them in an Etsy shop. It was the easiest way to purchase the quantity I needed in the colors I wanted. Just search for chunky beads or bubblegum beads, these are 20 mm!

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