Christmas Decor before Thanksgiving?

I know it’s early to be thinking of Christmas, but I have serious fomo when it comes to cute decor. Hobby Lobby has had their decorations out since July. I may or may not have used some for O’s party…someday maybe I’ll get around to blogging about it. Or at least sharing some photos.


Back to Christmas. Target has an awesome promo this week! Spend $40 in the Wonderland Shop get a $10 giftcard for later! Duh it’s a no brainer. I may or may not have purchased a number of adorable items that I am hoarding for Black Friday (aka the day after Thanksgiving). E as at the age where everything is magical and wonderful and I LOVE it. We perused the aisles when they were Halloween and now we take a good half hour looking at Christmas. The greatest thing about this promo and about Target is you can shop online! Meaning you can buy your goods in your jams, rocking a solid mom bun and a glass of wine in hand. I mean I guess you could were pjs to the store but I feel like dependent on your state, alcohol consumption while driving around Target would be frowned upon if not get you sent straight to the big house….anywho


This whole collection makes me swoon. And makes me want to move back north. There will be no snow in North Texas. It hasn’t even been cold here. I hate it. That is another story for another day. These snowmen are freaking amazing! And I love the little yarn wrapped trees so much I was gonna try to DIY them myself to save some dough, but alas even with coupons it still cost more. So you’re welcome for saving you the time and effort and mathing. The ornaments in this collection make me want to throw out all the red and green and start fresh. But I know my husband would murder me sooo maybe next year?


Camp Christmas is more in line with the decor I currently have. So I can jump on board with this. The camp fire is gonna go fast if your store isn’t already sold out. There is also an adorable felt pine wreath and tree set that is to die. It’s basically a cuter version of the ones I got from last year. The ornaments in this collection can be mixed and matched with what I have, which is very rustic Christmas. I probs will share pics on social once I get my tree up, but we use a real tree and so it has to wait or it’ll dry up and fall over before Christmas.

Basically I’m saying run to your local Target snatch up all these goodies, and don’t wait bc the good stuff will be gone in like 2 weeks max. AND be sure to check out Spot’s Playground/Dollar Spot bc they have bomb decor for $5 and under!


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