Fall Preview: First Looks

I know that we are only in July, but I am so looking forward to fall! Once the fourth has come and gone all the ‘big’ stores start rolling out their back to school clothes and supplies. I might have purchased a mass quantity of Sharpies and pens…and started swooning over my favorites for fall. I’m loving the saturated/over washed creamy looks that I’m seeing across the board. There are lots of off whites, soft pinks, grays, and minty/aquas making their way back into rotation.Today I am just taking a look at my big 2: Gap and Boden, with a few pieces from Osh Kosh/Carter’s. Mind you that most all of these come in multiple colorways and are pretty much ALL great options for fall. So bring on the cool weather and the color changing leaves!!baby clothing fall preview1.Floral Peter Pan Dress 2.Quilted Jacket 3.Star Bubble Pants 4.Glitter Toe Oxfords 5.Bunny Hat and Mittens  6.Simple Cord Dress 7.Baby Cord Bloomers 8.Stripe Slub Body Suit 9.Slub Ruffle Pants 10.Knitted Jacket 11.Suede Boots 12.Pointelle Onesie 13.Pack of Ribbed Tights 14.Floral Print Tee 15. Cable Knit Cardigan

A Little Bundle Review

alittlebundlejuneHello kids, I received my A Little Bundle Box last week and am FINALLY finding the time to review it! (More about where I’ve been later) As with last month’s review, A Little Bundle is a ‘premium’ box, meant to share the higher end and harder to come by items with mom and baby. In this month’s box we received 5 handpicked items just for E.


Storage Bucket by: caseydsibley


This storage bucket is awfully cute, and useful for me or E! It is made of 55% Linen and 45% cotton and machine washable. E snagged it straight from the box and began putting her ‘little people’ in it so I let her keep it! (though it would look super cute on my desk!) The pattern is adorable and after sneaking a peek at the designers website, I could see myself purchasing a few of their other items!

Giftcard/ Love Note Pillow by: Primitives by Kathy


This is a cute little giftcard holder, E thinks it’s a purse and wears it attached to her little arm in such a manner that I couldn’t say no! While this is adorable it is sort of one of those things that we don’t have a real use for. However it will make a super cute little giftcard holder in a baby shower basket!

Lover Not a Fighter Onesie by: Hen & Co


This little onesie is an exclusive collaboration between Hen & CO and A Little Bundle! It’s soft and has a cute message on it. I like being introduced to new clothing brands for E, especially when they are mom owned. There’s just something about helping another mom further her dreams of entrepreneurship that I thoroughly enjoy!

Egg Shaker by: Deuz


This little shaker is crafted from a local forest with sustainable forest, making it eco friendly for you green consumers. Deuz is a French brand, and let us face it, the French are much more conscious about what they give to their kids and where it comes from. Making this little noise maker all the better in E’s tiny chubby fingers!

Notecard by: Aleeandpress


Last month I wasn’t quite sure what the notecard enclosed in the box was meant for. I am happy to say that I now know! It is meant for you to write a note to your little, what you hope or dream for them or what their favorite things are this month in their life. I think this is a sweet sentiment as I purchase E a card for every holiday and write all about what is happening during the time frame.  I want her to be able to look back and have a little insight about what she was like as a baby.  This card  states “loving you is easy” and is fantastic in it’s simplicity. I have written her up a love not and put it away for someday in the distant future. Maybe for when she tells me she hates me and slams her door…

All around I was pleased with this month’s A Little Bundle Box! I sort of love purchasing from small shops and this is an awesome way to meld all the small shops together in one amazing box! If you are a supporter of small businesses and all things amazing I would recommend snagging one for you and your little!

Find out more information about A Little Bundle or sign up for your subscription here!

On a side note, I just want to say that Annie from A Little Bundle is amazing! I lost (or perhaps it was ‘borrowed’  by a small girl) the information card detailing all the brands in each month’s box. I messaged her and received a reply almost instantly! That is another plus to shopping small ladies! Again thank you for being so AMAZING!

How to Get Your Infant to Sleep at Night

baby slept through the night
I get asked often how I got E to sleep through the night at such a young age. By 7 months she was sleeping 12+ hours consistently through the night. I am no baby sleep expert, but I want to share what worked for me, and hopefully it’ll work for someone else! First and foremost, I’m going to go ahead and state the facts. If you research sleeping through the night you will find millions of articles about the best way to get your child to sleep, all the steps you should take and when to just let your kids cry.  Asking your doctor or a friend will also lead to an array of trials and tribulations and what has and hasn’t worked. There is no tried and true way to get your baby to sleep ‘through the night’.

Everyone’s Opinion of What ‘Sleeping Through the Night’ Differs

If you’ve read more than one article or book about babies sleeping. there are a lot of discrepancies when it comes to the term ‘sleeping through the night’. Some people think that it means 8+ hours, while others think 6 hours covers it. Before you use research or a friend’s advice find out what each source thinks it means to sleep through the night. That way there is no disappointment when your child sleeps less than you expected or someone thinks they should sleep and you’ve tried all the methods recommended.

Establish a Routine Early

I think that babies need a routine, and so do most pediatricians. Getting one started around 4 months is what worked best for us. When the baby is in utero they have a routine, your routine, you stick to it pretty solidly, get up for the day, move around a bunch, and then at night you go to bed. During those 9 months it is the same thing for them everyday and once they are thrown out into an unfamiliar world life gets tough. Make a point to establish a bedtime routine around that 4 month mark. I chose a time that I wanted her to go down at night and began the routine around an hour before bed. I started with a bath, then lotion and pjs, followed with a story and rocking/nursing her to sleep. By about 5 months this was what she had come to expect, and she knew it was time for the bed routine to start and gradually I trained us both to follow the routine. As time went on we added more steps in our day that we follow. Dinner time was instituted around 7 or 8 months, we added it half an hour before the bath and etc. I really think this was key in making our lives together easier.

Do What Feels Right

This is something that I struggled with, I thought I should be doing what everyone else thinks is right and taking people’s advice I disagreed with. Do what feels right for you and your baby. I tried other people’s recommendations and I felt some of them didn’t work for us. Crying it out. I tried it once, and I just couldn’t. It was terribly sad and it made me feel sick. I could hear her downstairs bawling with the door shut and just could not allow my poor baby to be so sad. From the start (and even still now) myself or my husband went in every time she cried at night, changed her and rocked her as well as offered her breastmilk from bottle or boob. I was told that I was just encouraging her to wake up during the night for another feeding and we were forming bad habits. In my situation E slept 12 hours at night at around 7 months and now at 13 months she still does. She has an occasional waking, usually when something life changing is happening (i.e. a new tooth) but typically with a clean butt and a little milk she is back down in less than half an hour. If you don’t feel right about letting your baby cry DON’T! I ended up having her sleep in my room swaddled, strapped in a swing until she was about 6 months old.


I’m going to be completely honest, a lot of nights in those early months we co-slept. The up and downs a bunch of times a night, adjusting to motherhood, and in general just my entire life changing in a matter of days. Most nights while E and my husband slept, and I lay uncomfortably trying to ensure I didn’t squish the baby in my sleep, or my hubs didn’t roll over on her either. It was all that I could do to get her to sleep, but it didn’t work for us. Some people can do it and love the idea of bed sharing, it gives them peace of mind to know that their babe is super close and can be comforted at a moment’s notice. I’m sure you have heard the risks of co-sleeping and I think that there are pros and cons to it, and again the decision is yours, do what you think is right and what works best for your family.

Nursing on Demand

I am a strong believer in the idea that, the baby is crying then she must need something. For too many months to count E would wake in the middle of the night and I would go in change and nurse her. I swear I thought it would never end. It’s not for everyone though, some nights I sat in her room the entire night, nursing her and not sleeping. Lo and behold it paid off around the 7 month mark she began sleeping 10-12 hours a night. Looking back it was totally worth it to miss all the sleep and the serious amount of baby being latched to my chest.

Give Yourself a Break

Being a mom is tough work, and for some reason no one will tell you that until after there is a baby crying in your arms. Honestly no joke ladies, this is the hardest job there is. Caring for a helpless baby is way more intense than I ever thought it would be. Take a long hot bubble bath, have your husband take a turn with the baby, hire a sitter (or have family babysit) and go out to see a movie and have a nice dinner. Just don’t beat yourself up, you are doing an awesome job, no one can do it better than you’re doing it now. No matter what that baby will appreciate and love you for all you are doing YOU ARE A GOOD MOM!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Matchy Matchy Mommy

Since E has been born I loved the idea of matching her…it might be odd to some people but again I love it! Just the idea of mommy and me, makes me happy! I can imagine E and I matching for years to come and in honor of a matchy mother’s day I put together a few of my favorite things for mom and baby(child)!


Mommy and me jewelry

1.Matching jewelry is something that would be great for any age child and mom. From toddler to teenager there are options out there for every mom’s style. Caged Bird Blog offers a fun, modern take on bracelets. She makes them from hand painted wood beads with charms and accent beads. They are available in many colors and varying charms. She also makes custom designs through her Etsy shop!

For the more ‘grownup’ look sterling silver or gold jewelry is a great option. Made By Mary Shop hand stamps gold and silver charms to make gorgeous bracelets and necklaces. You choose the style of charm, bar or circle and what you would like stamped on it. She makes sizes ranging small enough to fit your toddler or large enough for an adult. These are great for the more ‘traditional’ mom, or a mom who wants a piece of jewelry to wear everyday.

2. Bubblegum necklaces are all the rage for little girls, and now they have become a ‘statement’ necklace that trendy moms can be seen rocking everywhere! Lola and Darla Designs makes some of the most unique and beautiful necklaces for mom and babe. As an added bonus she makes bodysuits and shirts for mother and child too!

Mommy and Me shoes

3. I love Freshly Picked Moccasins. E has had them since she was born, and honestly I think she will wear them until she grows out of them! (They go up to children’s size 10 and she’s in size 2) I also stumbled upon this amazing brand Tieks, and pretty much every color mocc has a matching pair of ballet flats! They are both quality brands, made from leather and seem to hold up great (so far as we’ve worn them!) The flats are great for moms on the go, they are comfortable and stylish and come in over 30 colors, and will match any mom’s wardrobe!

Shutterfly Photo Books: Great Gifts for Any Occasion

shutterfly book

Ever since E was born I have been obsessed with finding ways to incorporate pictures of her into our lives. We are running low on wall space, and I don’t want to bombard guests with a wall full of E when they go to sleep at night! Enter Shutterfly.

Shutterfly has these awesome books that I can choose a custom path or a pre-made book and add my pictures. You can choose which design you’d like to best accentuate the period of time the pictures came from. From there you can pick how many pictures you want on each page, the background and even a cover and back photo! I personally love the Storytelling feature, it has more of a scrapbook feel with the ability to add virtual ‘stickers’, and since I don’t have time for scrapbooking anymore these days it’s great!

I plan to make at least 4 books a year, one for each season and perhaps an extra one for the holidays or E’s birthday! They are constantly running sells to make keeping memories of your everyday more affordable and realistic.

I have even made several of these photo books as gifts for grandparents and great grandparents to enjoy the pictures we have taken. There is just something so great about being able to hold a material picture in your hand and touch it and look at it versus everything being digital. Not to mention who knows where technology will be in a few years! Go check out shutterfly and let me know what you think in the comments!! 🙂

Shutterfly Photo Books


Sippy…the lazy mom’s cup

bestsippy-cupsE is 7 months old. I know I have a 7 month old! It’s insane to think that…well my mommy friends are busting my chops about sippy cups. Have I introduced E to the sippy cup do I plan on introducing her and when will I do it. I have no idea of an answer to any of the questions, we are nursing. She doesn’t drink much if it doesn’t come out of my chest. So the thought of a sippy has never crossed my mind. She is doing fine without it, and I don’t want to deal with the sippy syndrome. You know where you see a 3 year old carrying around a sippy cup. That is almost as big of a nightmare of mine as the paci. SO long story short, I’ve begun researching, the best kind, the best brand, the best everything. And I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that sippy cups are not really necessary in daily life. Not at this stage for sure. I purchased espresso glasses for her to learn to sip out of at home, and that’s how I am going to train her to drink from a cup. She doesn’t need to carry a cup around with her and have juice on the ready. If she’s thirsty we can go from there, but I just don’t see the point of a sippy at this age. She can barely crawl. Unless she is going to strap a sippy on a belt throw it over her shoulder cross body style there is no need. It really amazes me to think that back in the days of old at some point sippy cups didn’t exist. Moms took the effort to help their child drink out of a training cup or a small glass to quench their thirst. So why have moms become so lazy? Not only that the ADA recommends sippy cups be completely gone from your child’s life around the age of 2 to 3. It is actually recommended that the traditional sippy only be used for about a month. The only purpose of it is to transition from bottle to cup. Some dentists think it should be sooner. Sippy cups can cause a host of oral problems, not just damage to the teeth, but the sucking motion can actually cause speech problems and a disorder called  Oral Myofunctional Disorder. OMD causes the tongue to move forward in an exaggerated manner during speech or swallowing, and may often protrude forward while at rest. It causes some sounds to be pronounced incorrectly because of weak tongue muscles. There are a host of other problems caused by sippy cups,  like cavities from teeth bathing in sugary sweet juices, which is often what parents put in these cups. Maybe 4 or 5 months from now I will change my tune and have 19 sippy cups just like every other mom I know, but for now nope.