Changes changes everywhere


Now E is a big girl and sleeping in her crib, and eating real big girl food, and soothing herself to sleep, I believe it is time to move her to her own room. She has been at the foot of my bed for her entire life. This was incredibly nice for those 2 am feedings and diaper changes, but now it’s kinda bother. When I walk into my room at night I have to tiptoe as not to wake her, and she has also taken to peeping over the bumper. She knows I am laying in bed and she wants to be with me. This makes my heart swell with joy, because she loves me and wants to be near me always, but at the same time it is a pain. I need to be able to brush my teeth in peace and not hold my breath as I climb into bed. So tomorrow is the big day. She will be moving across the hall to her very own big girl room! I am excited and nervous, but I know it is what’s best for her and me. And mommy daddy time (wink wink). That’s not all that’s changing around here.

itspoopI had  heard rumors about poop changing and constipation when real food was introduced. I wasn’t really worried until it happened. E had her first ‘real food’ poop. It was horrible stinky disgusting mess. Like peanut butter stuck all over her bum and smellier than the smelliest human or dog poo ever. So new moms beware when the transition to real food occurs, a day or 2 poop free will happen. No big deal right, especially if you are bfing they have weird poop schedules. WRONG prepare yourself to be horrified by what cereal comes out as, peanut butter poo is hard to clean I feel like I used an entire box of wipes and had to perform an exorcism to get her clean.