DIY Hair Bow/Headband Board

Now that E has hair my head decor collections are getting out of control. When she was a wee babe she wore headbands, and still does sometimes. But with real hair comes bows. Storing the bows has been interesting, I have put them in baskets and jars and drawers. Keeping them is this manner prevents me from seeing what she really has, and all too often she isn’t wearing an adorable matching bow FOR SHAME! Recently I picked up some pretty adorable bows from Bizzy b Crafts, and they were just too cute to not display. And so the hunt for bow displays began! Long story short I couldn’t find anything I loved and ended up making it myself. It was super easy and as you can see I all ready need to make another!


Easy DIY Bow board

  • Picture Frame: I chose this gorg 11X14 plaster open back frame from Hobby Lobby, I like the flourishes it makes the frame seem so much prettier!
  • Cardboard or cork board, this needs to be cut down to size to fit in your picture frame
  • Fabric or paper enough to cover the inside of your picture frame. So I needed 11.5X14.5 inches to wrap around my cardboard.
  • Cup hooks: I got 2 packs of 8, I used them to hang headbands and necklaces from.
  • Drill/bits (optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun: keeps the whole thing together 🙂
  • Ribbon: you need a bit more than the length or width of your frame, depending on how you set up your board

I started by measuring and cutting cardboard to go inside the frame. Then I laid the cardboard on top of the fabric and cut around it, leaving enough to fold over and hot glue down.


I measured the outside of the frame and determined it was 19 inches across the 14 inch side, which would be the down facing side. I chose to turn my frame horizontal instead of vertical for more hanging space for headbands/necklaces. I then (had my husband) predrill the holes for the finishing hooks. They are spaced an inch apart, with a 2 inch gap on either side and 1 hook left over.


I started screwing the hooks in. This was sort of time consuming and hurt my fingers. Just be prepared!

diy bowboard

It was time for the ribbon to be added. I’ve seen several variations on this part and wasn’t sure what to do. The crisscross, the vertical, the horizontal, really the options are endless. I went with vertical. I put my biggest bows on the board as measurement for spacing. I ended up getting 4 ribbons spaced every 3.5 inches. (I really do recommend using your personal bow stash for measuring and it also depends on the size of your frame)

Now hot glue the ribbons into place. I put a dot on the front in the center of the ribbon to help keep it in place and went glue crazy on the backside to ensure it stayed attached.

baby bow board

Follow up with hot glue around the rim of your frame and insert the cardboard/cork board. If your frame has little tabs to hold the picture in bend those down for extra security.

diy hairbow board

BAM your hair board is done! I completed this whole project during a 1.5 hour nap, and attached all the bows that were living in my craft room to it while she was still sleeping!

Shutterfly Photo Books: Great Gifts for Any Occasion

shutterfly book

Ever since E was born I have been obsessed with finding ways to incorporate pictures of her into our lives. We are running low on wall space, and I don’t want to bombard guests with a wall full of E when they go to sleep at night! Enter Shutterfly.

Shutterfly has these awesome books that I can choose a custom path or a pre-made book and add my pictures. You can choose which design you’d like to best accentuate the period of time the pictures came from. From there you can pick how many pictures you want on each page, the background and even a cover and back photo! I personally love the Storytelling feature, it has more of a scrapbook feel with the ability to add virtual ‘stickers’, and since I don’t have time for scrapbooking anymore these days it’s great!

I plan to make at least 4 books a year, one for each season and perhaps an extra one for the holidays or E’s birthday! They are constantly running sells to make keeping memories of your everyday more affordable and realistic.

I have even made several of these photo books as gifts for grandparents and great grandparents to enjoy the pictures we have taken. There is just something so great about being able to hold a material picture in your hand and touch it and look at it versus everything being digital. Not to mention who knows where technology will be in a few years! Go check out shutterfly and let me know what you think in the comments!! 🙂

Shutterfly Photo Books


DIY No Damage Curtain

I got a new door quite a while ago now, and let’s just say it isn’t exactly what I pictured. I knew there was a big ole glass window in the top of it, I don’t know how big I was expecting it to be, but I thought it would be opaque. Well it’s not. It is clear right in the middle, which wouldn’t bother me much IF it didn’t look straight into the kitchen. Maybe I’m weird but I don’t like people looking in my house. Curtains and blinds were made for a reason people: privacy. When the light is on in the kitchen it’s basically a free for all from the street. I tried this really great technique where you buy clear contact paper and it ‘frosts’ the window. No luck. You could still see through it. So I moved on to modge podge and white tissue paper. Yes it does the trick lets light in, no one can see in, but I can’t see out to know who is at my door. (and I think it looks sort of hood…) So I began thinking, I need to have the ability to see out the window if I want, BUT keep people from looking in. (my husband says no one wants to look in that I suffer from paranoia but I want to know who is out there and not know that I can see them and there is no peep hole. random right?) Another prediciment I face is that my husband doesn’t want to put holes in the door. Which I kind of get but come on what’s a couple holes? I finally figured out a solution and by golly it worked!

hanging a curtain without nails or screws

I gathered up all my supplies. Fabric of choice, (I had 2 yards of this stuff on hand.) wooden dowel, 2 3M command hooks and their backings, a tape measure, scissors (or a fancy fabric cutter thing) I also used a self healing mat, and a fancy fabric ruler, and my sewing machine (not pictured)

no damage front door curtain

I  measured the offending window first. I Added 3 inches to the top, bottom and sides to account for hemming and covering around the entire window.

hanging a curtain without damaging wall

Then I set to work using my rotary wheel (I knew it had an official name) to cut the fabric the correct lengths. I folded it lengthwise to cut all the fabric at once, and then again crosswise to cut the fabric all in one fell swoop. (well 2 fell swoops but you get the idea)

diy curtain for front door

Then I ironed out this bad boy. After ironing the wrinkles and lines out I ironed the hems around the fabric, it just makes it so much easier that way. I did about an inch on each side and 1/2 inch on the bottom and 2 1/2 on the top for the dowel to slip into.

diy curtain for front door

Now it’s time to sew! Simply sewed up all the hems that are ironed and put the dowel in. Make sure to sew the hem that will be the top last. Now go over to the window and figure out where to hang the 3M hooks. I hung mine a bit above the window with some extra door on each side, so my entire window would be covered from prying eyes.

diy curtain for front door

I also cut down the dowel, I had a little help from hubs since I am not allowed to play with power tools and I wanted to finish this during E’s nap time.

And voila! Done son, now I can peep at people on my stoop but they won’t be able to peep back! I was concerned that the dowel might slip off the hooks, but the weight of the curtain is holding the rod in place so I don’t think that it will be an issue.

hanging a curtain with no damage Here is my finished product in daylight and with it dark outdoors and the entry light on!

diy curtain with no damage

The project only cost me about $4 because I had a Joann coupon for the hooks, the dowel was .99 and the fabric and other supplies on hand. I am going to paint the dowel another day and possibly make more for the sidelights as they have see through glass at the top too.

Chunky Bead Baby Necklace

chunkybeadbabynecklaceI’ve been seeing these super adorable chunky bead necklaces on babies everywhere. I really wanted to purchase one and after the trouble with sellers on Etsy not contacting me back, I decided to order supplies and make one myself. I made it to match the headband for our upcoming photo session for our holiday cards, which will match our outfits. I’m kind of surprised how inexpensive it was to make it myself and honestly how easy it was. I know that E is going to need one to match every outfit and for all special occasions now that I have the supplies!

First I gather up all my supplies:

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

24mm beads in Ivory, Navy, and burgundy, and rhinestone beads in a navy/purple

Tiger Tail Beading Wire

4mm spacer beads

Lobster Clasps

E6000 Glue (not pictured)

Crimp beads


Bead tray (optional)

Wire cutter (optional)

I chose to lay all my beads out on the tray to see what it would look like before I put it together, that way I could get an idea of what it would look like. That’s where the bead tray comes in handy!

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Start stringing the beads, pretty self-explanatory.

2013-11-08 11.49.50

Once the beads are all strung attach a crimp bead, then jump ring on one side. Now loop the wire back through the crimp bead and pull tight making the loop smaller. Smash crimp bead with pliers causing it to close up and hold the wire in place. Clip excess wire.

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

I wanted to add extra jump rings to make the length of the necklace adjustable. Just pull the beads apart and attach.

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Now add the claw part to the other side of the necklace along with the crimp bead. Push wire back in itself again and pull tight then smash crimp bead with wire.

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Clip extra wire and tuck the wire back into the beads. At this point I added a drop of glue for extra security on the inside of the last bead to help hold it in place. I don’t want E tugging it apart and breaking it.

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

My model woke up just in the nick of time for a taste test of her new necklace! I can’t wait to see it in action tomorrow!

how to make a chunky bead baby necklace

Crafty Kathy

I really wanted E to have an adorable headband for our upcoming Christmas card photo shoot. I contacted several sellers on Etsy to no avail. I needed it in less than 2 weeks and no one was replying to confirm that they could meet my deadline! I finally gave up and purchased the supplies to make my own. I don’t want to reveal too much about the outfit because it will ruin the beauty of my Christmas card. But I made this headband all on my own, after seeing the idea online I figured out how to put it together on my own.

Shabby Chic Double Flower Headband

First I gathered all my supplies:


I have a yard of shabby flowers in wine

Fabric Fusion Glue

Glitter elastic

Needle and thread

Sheet of felt

Craberry rhinestone button

(Not pictured are my scissors and hot glue gun.)

I trimmed 2 flowers from the netting they come attached to.

burgundy shabby flowers

Then attach them to the sheet of felt. Afterwards cut the felt away around the flowers.

burgundy shabby flower

Take rhinestone button and cut away the shaft. I used a pair of scissors to do it.

rhinestone button

Attach button to center of flowers with hot glue.

burgundy shabby chic flowers

Now cut the length of stretch elastic to size. I cut 16 inches because E has her father’s massive head. Then put a few stitches on the ends to secure it.

red glitter headband

Trim another piece of felt to the similar size as the one adhered to the back. Put where the stitching is on the elastic inside the felt cover sandwich. And Glue

burgundy shabby chic headband

Now trim off the extra felt around the flowers and BAMO WHAMO: DONE

burgundy shabby chic headband

Pretty much I spent less than half the amount being charged on Etsy. And I have enough supplies to make 6 or 7 headbands. Yah I’m pretty impressed with myself.

I can’t wait to see it in action next week!