52 Project: Week 21

I am super late with this post, BUT life happens. E has cut a molar! 2 year molars my booty. It has been long and exhausting dealing with a tired fussy baby and a tired fussy husband and a tired fussy momma! We’ve been trying to get the house in shape for summer and for a toddler that loves to play outside. I am finally getting my fenced in yard I’ve dreamed of! E will be able to splash the summer days away in her little pool in privacy with her fur siblings right along side her! In the past week or so E has learned about the cabinets. That they hold all the good treasures, like bunny crackers and her other snacks and are relatively easy to get into. I typically allow her in the kitchen with me in the mornings when I cook breakfast, on this morning she decided to attempt to bring the bunny crackers down for an early morning snack! Well shortly after this picture she pulled the bunnies down and opened the jar and proceeded to share them with her pups. Every day with her is truly a blessing, I honestly don’t even know how I ever lived without her! She is an amazing little mess and I cherish moments like this one. I know that some day she will be too old to want to hang out in the kitchen while I cook, or eat snacks with me. I think sometimes it’s hard in the moment to inhale deeply and just soak up whatever is happening right now. I’ve been trying to do that more, to enjoy these little feats she discovers everyday, soon I won’t have a baby anymore. She will be a kindergartner with her backpack heading off to school so I want to live each moment like they are my last and breathe in every ounce of babyhood she has left.

52 project

52 Project Week 20

This week was pretty great, I celebrated my first full year as a mommy! E has grown into an amazing little girl and I truly cannot picture what life was or would be like without her. We spent a lot of time together as a family and I loved it. As the weather changes E is getting to spend more time outdoors and she is definitely an outdoorsy kinda girl. We spend hours exploring the plants, dirt, bugs and feeling all the textures and experiencing all the new the world has to offer. In short she would rather be outdoors than anywhere else!

52 project_week_20

My favorite pic from this week is from my Mother’s Day celebration, I have been dying for ribs so my 2 loves obliged and took me out for dinner. E and Daddy (just out of frame in this pic) were walking ahead to grab our table and my heart melted watching her walk. She’s so big now, a toddler, and I just can’t get over it!

52 Project Week 19

This week was pretty standard. We’ve been home for a couple weeks now and we are getting back into the swing of our regular routine. E went in for her 1 year check up and is perfectly healthy and right on track developmental wise! Her shots gave her a slight fever for a day and she was extra fussy, for the day of and the day after her shots but went right back to her silly E self! She grows everyday and never ceases to amaze me with her interest in everything and the amount she chats! She got a pair of shades for her birthday and she wears them in the car and when she’s outside. On this particular day she refused to take them off in the grocery store. My hubbs thought it was hilarious and just had to photograph her being such a diva! And then proceeded to tell me that obviously she is my daughter…

52 project week 19+-++96-

52 Week Project Week 18

This week was amaze-balls for us as a family. Like I loved (most) every moment of it. There were so many happy moments in the last week, E learned to walk, for real walk 26 steps in a row people! we got to see our family in Texas, E had her first zoo trip and my baby turned 1! We were away from the pups for a while, since kenneling them is easier than trying to fly cross country with a baby and 2 dogs. It breaks my heart to leave them behind BUT we really wanted E to be surrounded by people who love her for this very special day. Upon returning I decided that E and I would ride with the hubs to pick up the dogs from the kennel. Aside from a very long trip home due to water on the road, it was awesome!

52 Project Week 17

The reaction from E and her Gadgette was beyond what I could have ever expected. Gadgette hopped in the carseat with E while she was screeching in excitement. There little relationship is amazing to me, I can imagine those 2 running around the yard together and snuggling through nap time. I didn’t have a dog growing up, but I’ve loved my dogs for the past 8 and 6 years. They were my little babies before E came along and their relationship is truly a dream for me.

52 Project Week 16

E and Gadgette are at it again! As usual they cause mischief and mayhem wherever they go. When anyone in our house mentions dinner Gadgette makes a beeline for the dining room and hops in the nearest chair. E decided to follow her on this particular day and they were both awaiting a snack or some sort of food! E stands and totters along behind her walker chasing the dogs and running over toes. I can’t believe in a week she will be 1!! She cut a new tooth this week, which explains her utter lack of sleeping. She’s growing up so fast and I just feel like she was a newborn yesterday. I love every moment of this ride and want to savor every sweet second with her.


52 Project Week 15

Spring has finally arrived in the DC metro area! Yay! We are t-minus 2 weeks until E’s birthday and I am savoring every moment of her being my baby. This week we went out to enjoy the weather, as it went from the 40s-50s to the mid 70s! This time of year is probably one of my favorites. (I really love fall most) The vegetation comes alive, the trees bloom and the flowers blossom, the grass turns green AND the cherry blossom trees along the tidal basin bloom.We took advantage of the most beautiful of days and headed down for E’s first official visit to the great outdoors in springtime. We headed downtown and grabbed lunch at a taco truck and had a picnic in the park. Afterwards we strolled down to the cherry blossom trees and took in the wonderful sights and allowed E to explore the outside world. She loved being outdoors and was happy the entire time! Smiles and giggles galore, she waved to people passing by and really it made my heart melt to see her so excited to explore something new.

52 project

My favorite picture of the week is her sitting in front of the trees exploring the grass and flower petals that were all around her. She was so curious to see what everything was and how it felt. It was an amazing sensory learning experience for her, and made for a great memory for us as parents too!