Busy busy busy

A lot has been going on recently which explains the lack of posts (sorry guys!). We are prepping for our big trip down to Texas for a wedding, and lots of things needed to be done (and still do). Daddy bear (as he’s known around these parts) was off work and so I needed to take full advantage of that. E and daddy had lots of playtime and snuggle time, and letting mommy sleep in time!! I slept in for the first time in I don’t even know how long, out until 11 am after her morning feeding on Saturday! I think it’s super important for them to bond and for me to get some ‘Casey-time’, so I even went and got my hair did for the first time in 3 months, and it was glorious. I spent about 3 hours all to myself being pampered, I didn’t even get a panicked text or call. Gizmo and Gadgette also got their hairs cut, which was much needed in preparation for their impending trip to the kennel.
dog haircut

Every time they go to the kennel they get stinky and dirty and having them start out clean and fresh makes it much easier on us when we pick them up. They both came home with adorable little bananas Gizmo wore his until I removed it, and of course my little escape artist Gadgette had her’s off first thing.

dog haircut
BUT the most important of all events happened this weekend. Emma bear rode for the first time sitting upright in her stroller! I know it isn’t a big deal to most but to me it’s HUGE!! I was soo excited and peeking at her through the sunshade on our whole walk. She seemed to not mind riding in looking out at the world instead of whoever is pushing her along. E just stared out at the trees and the houses and gripped the harness and waved her arms in the air the entire time.


 All in all we had a pretty exciting weekend and only a week and a half until the trip home!


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