Bringing Home Baby: Top 5 Essentials

newfamilyLet’s face it there are so many things (most of it useless crap) available for babies on the market today. Then there are the things you will need, but your baby won’t be using for months upon months so you can hold off on these. Finally there are the things from my experience that you need BEFORE the baby comes. Like they are in your house when you leave the hospital so on your return from the hospital you are not in a state of panic about what you don’t have and still need. I feel like these are 5 of the most important and necessary things that you should have when you bring home a new baby.


1. A place to sleep: some parents choose to let the baby sleep in their crib from day uno. I did, though there are some who buy the little bassinets or have their child sleep in a pack in play from the start. No matter what your baby will be spending those nighttime hours, you should have it purchased and SET UP before you go to the hospital.


2. Plenty of diapers and wipers:  no one wants to go out at 3 am with a new baby crying at home diaper-less. Babies are not all created equal, when my daughter was born she was a newborn diaper kinda gal, my friend’s son was born the same day he skipped straight to the size 1s. Emma literally wore newborns until 3 months, and she was still in size 1s at 4 months. There is no rhyme or reason to this, just make sure you have a pack or 3 of each and be prepared to snag more at a moment’s notice. We stocked up for several months before she was born and I’m glad I did, we still made a late night run to the store many times because we ran out and she was too small for the next size up.


3. Thermometer: Babies are hard to read, especially at first, they cry and you have no clue what for. After trying all the obvious things (diapers, hunger, and being held) checking their temp is the next step. There a several different kinds of thermometers stickers, rectal, temporal, and the good old fashion under the tongue. I have the temporal, rectal, as well as the normal tongue one. The tongue one can be inserted rectally or you can get a babe’s temp under their armpit. I prefer the temporal one because I can swipe it across her forehead super easily and get a reading in seconds (and there’s no poo dodging).


4. Tons of easy meals: even if you have family around to help you out and you don’t have to cook, at some point you’re gonna want everyone to get the hell out of your house and leave you alone. Frozen dinners, cooked ahead meals and take out menus are key to this happening and continuing to be free from cooking a meal. Know your local haunts that deliver, prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them so they can be thrown in a crockpot or oven and you don’t have to do any preparing. Or you can stock up from your freezer aisle and keep your microwave warm and on the ready.


5. Clothes and blankets: Ok so this is pretty obvious, your baby can’t run around naked unless it’s the dead of summer and your ac is out. Even then I am positive it’d still be frowned upon (since the nurses in the hospital told us it was too cold in our room come on the thermostat was set at 72 people!). So make sure you have at least 5 outfits and 5 blankets. You don’t want to be up at 3 am with a baby who pooped through his diaper and the blankets and all over the bed. And have nowhere to turn and stand over the washer cursing it to wash faster because exhaustion is setting in and you are on the verge of tears. While we are at it make sure you have at least 3 bed sheets for those inevitable ‘accidents’

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  1. Love it! What more do babies need anyways! So glad SOMEONE finally said that babies don’t really need anything, none of that fancy stuff!

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